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Best Places To Work: Cybersecurity Companies

The Midwest is becoming a growing hub for cybersecurity startups. 

Just look at Duo Security in Ann Arbor. Now a part of Cisco after a $2.3 billion acquisition, Duo is no longer a startup but a major cybersecurity player in the Midwest. And they’re helping to grow the Midwest cybersecurity ecosystem by helping Midwest talent learn and grow, and by supporting other cybersecurity companies in the region. 

So who else is a part of this growing cybersecurity ecosystem in Ann Arbor, Detroit and the greater Midwest region? These top startups are not just making huge innovations in tech, but they’re also some of the best places to work in the Midwest. 

Check it out. 


Midwest Tech: Best Cybersecurity Companies 


Duo Security

Ann Arbor
500-1000 employees

Duo Security is the leading innovator of two-factor authentication security. They’re a top Ann Arbor tech company that’s helping build up the cybersecurity ecosystem in the Midwest through their people-first culture. People at Duo live out their philosophy of being “kinder than necessary” and making sure people can bring their authentic selves to work. Some other things that make Duo an amazing place to work:

  • Growth & learning
  • Competitive pay
  • Diversity & Inclusion 

Want to learn more about diversity and inclusion at Duo Security? Check out Duo’s Chief of Staff, Kendra Mitchell, talk about diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging at the Purpose Jobs panel on diversity and inclusion.


AaDya Security

aadya logo
1-50 employees

AaDya Security is a Detroit startup that provides and all-in-one cybersecurity software solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Their mission is to make security more comprehensive and accessible, and it’s driven by the great people who work at AaDya. Here’s what people love most about working at AaDya Security:

  • Opportunity to be a part of something big
  • Great people who want to make a difference
  • Collaborative and fun environment


Looking for a job in the Midwest cybersecurity scene? Join the Purpose Jobs community to explore top cybersecurity jobs. 



Ann Arbor
1-50 employees

Censys is an Ann Arbor startup that’s helping organizations gain visibility into every server and device connected to the Internet. The company was in the news a little bit in 2020 for their recent funding round of $15.5 million, as well as their CEO’s road trip to visit employees. Over 24 days, David Corcoran traveled 1,200 miles in five states to have safe, COVID-friendly visits with Censys employees to check in on them, get some feedback, and spend genuine quality time with them. If that doesn’t show you how great the culture at Censys is, here’s a few other things people love:

  • Transparency
  • Learning & growth opportunities
  • Compensation, equity, benefits
  • The people



Ann Arbor
1-50 employees

Another player in the Midwest cybersecurity ecosystem is Blumira, a cybersecurity startup that automates threat detection and response for organizations of all sizes. They’re also one of the best places to work in Ann Arbor, and the Midwest. Why’s that? Well, here’s some of things people at Blumira love about working there:

  • Smart team working with cutting edge technology
  • Meaningful and focused work
  • People care
  • Great leadership that’s supportive and has built a culture of camaraderie


Finite State

finite state logo
1-50 employees

Finite State is a small Columbus startup that burst out of stealth mode last year. The company helps detect security threats in supply chain of IoT devices. The company has a fast-paced environment and offers a chance for engineers to be challenged and learn at a rapid pace. Here’s some other perks about working at Finite State:

  • Smart team
  • Great compensation and benefits
  • Autonomy 



immuta logo
51 - 100 employees

Immuta is a cybersecurity startup based in Maryland with additional offices in Boston and Columbus. Its cloud-native data governance platform helps organizations automate data access control, security and privacy compliance. Here's a few reasons why Immuta is one of the best places to work:

  • Healthy growth structure for employees
  • Support and collaboration from CEO and leadership
  • Collaborative environment and open to learning
  • Bonus: great physical and mental health benefits