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Purpose Certification


Purpose Certification

No matter the time or trend, people want to do meaningful work with people who care. They're not willing to ride out toxic work cultures and meaningless work “perks”.

Job seekers and current employees alike are demanding a purpose-driven, people-first approach from companies and company culture.

That is exactly why we launched the Purpose Certification.

What is the Purpose Certification?

The Purpose Certification is a simple and powerful way to tell employees and customers that you care about purpose and culture.

When people see that you’ve been Purpose Certified by us, Purpose Jobs, it immediately signals to them that you . . . 

  • are working on technology that’s mission-driven

  • help employees do meaningful work

  • put employees first by providing opportunities for growth and leadership


☝ Did you know? Millennial and Gen Z workers who are satisfied with their employers’ societal/environmental impact and DEI efforts are more likely to want to stay with their employer for more than 5 years.*

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What kind of company can get a Purpose Certification?

In order to achieve certification, a company must:

✅ Be purpose-driven in mission and operation

✅ Offer meaningful benefits (like wellness days/resources, flex time, employee learning opportunities) that helps employees continue to do meaningful work

✅ Prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

✅ Actively be trying to build a top workplace that's purpose-driven and has a healthy, people-first culture

✅ Be located in an emerging tech hub or remotely hiring in emerging tech hubs.

✅ Be tech- and innovation focused (tech startup, tech enterprise, etc.)

✅ Genuinely be a good place to work with good people


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Steps toward a Purpose Certification

Want to get certified? Here’s how it’ll work.

1. Apply
2. Interview
3. Get Certified!

Who is NOT eligible for a Purpose Certification?

🚫 Profit over people     🚫 Growth at all costs     🚫 Not mission-driven  
🚫 Toxic work environment    🚫 Unrealistic expectations of people
🚫 Mean or rude people (sorry not sorry)

Get Purpose Certified

Show the world what you're made of