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The Best Places to Work in the Midwest 2021

There’s no doubt that the Midwest tech scene has really been taking off. Whether you’re in Detroit or Columbus, Cleveland or Ann Arbor, the Midwest has great tech companies and some of the best places to work.

What makes these Midwest tech companies so good? High salaries, happy teams, good benefits, and amazing potential for growth.

We’re bringing you a list of the best places to work in the Midwest.

And yes, they’re hiring!

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Table of Contents

2021 Best Places To Work


87 Best Places to Work in Midwest Tech 2021

Check out the full list of all 87 best places to work. From InsurTech startups to Fintech startups, Consumer Goods to Edtech, the Midwest is home to so many innovative companies—and they're also some of the best places to work.

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Chapter 1

Best Places to Work: Insurtech Startups

Midwest tech startups are disrupting the old insurance industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. These InsurTech startups aren't just the best places to work—they're also some of the best startups. Period.

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Chapter 2

Best Places to Work: Fintech Startups

Using tech to democratize financial wealth—that's what these FinTech startups are all about. They're also some of the best startups in Michigan and Ohio.

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Chapter 3

Best Places to Work: Healthcare Startups

There's been a huge shift to focusing on physical and mental wellness, and these Midwest tech startups are making it easier.

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Chapter 4

Best Places to Work: EdTech Startups

These EdTech startups are all about helping people learn and grow—and their top-notch company cultures are doing that for their employees, too.

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Chapter 5

Best Places to Work: SaaS Startups

Midwest SaaS startups are some of the best tech startups in Detroit, Ann Abor, Columbus, and Indianapolis. With supportive environments and continuous learning opportunities, they're also some of the best places to work.

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Chapter 6

Best Places to Work: AI Startups

These top AI startups are constantly innovating and growing as top tech companies. Find out why they're also some of the best places to work.

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Chapter 7

Best Places to Work: Cybersecurity Companies

The cybersecurity industry in the Midwest is a growing ecosystem of top cybersecurity startups and companies.

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Chapter 8

Best Places to Work: Consumer Goods Startups

The Midwest has a long history of producing some of the greatest innovations of all time. Meet the Midwest tech companies taking this legacy into the modern era. Startups in consumer goods, retail and ecommerce are changing the game. They're also some of the best places to work.

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Chapter 9

Best Places to Work: Media & Marketing Startups

Marketing agencies have come a long way since the "Mad Men" era. These top marketing and media startups are using tech to create amazing products. They're also building amazing teams and cultures.

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