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Big city living with Midwest values.

Companies Hiring in Chicago


Startup Chicago: Join a top emerging startup scene

In 2020, Chicago jumped from #18 to #6 on KPMG's list of world innovation hubs. Many leading tech companies—think Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce—have offices in the Windy City, but some of the best tech companies in Chicago are startups—and yes, they're hiring. Startups like Cameo, Livly, and Five To Nine are hiring in Chicago for software engineers, web and mobile developers, digital marketing managers, and more.

Chicago is the 13th most expensive city in the U.S., so finding an affordable, city lifestyle comes much more easily than in New York or San Francisco, which rank #3 and #4 respectively. With booming tech companies in Chicago, vibrant neighborhoods, an urban downtown, and Midwest values, Chicago is the place to be to grow your tech career. 

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highest share of female founders out of top 20 global tech hubs

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