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Ranked the #1 rising city for startups and the #1 city to work in for tech jobs, Columbus is one of the top startup communities, not only in central Ohio, but in the whole Midwest region. Venture capitalists are investing in innovative companies, and job seekers are finding open roles for software engineers, data engineers, product managers, marketing analysts, mobile engineers, full stack developers, and more. In the heart of the Midwest, Columbus is an affordable city that's great for working—and living.


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Columbus startup Olive raises $106MM to expand AI healthcare workforce

AI healthcare startup Olive just announced they raised $106 million in funding, led by an equity investment from...

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Taking a Page from the Midwest Playbook: What Tech Giants Could Learn as they Move Inland

After so many years of this myth that nothing’s going on in the Midwest, the secret’s out, and people are finally...

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Meet Tandem, the Columbus startup creating a free marketplace for childcare

Even though Tandem has only been around for about ten months, CEO and co-founder Olivia Weinstock has been connecting...

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