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About Petram Analytics

Marketing Data Analytics    In Office, Hybrid, Remote    Detroit, MI    11 - 50 employees   Founded in 2018

At Petram Analytics, we are committed to helping mid-sized businesses grow by leveraging proprietary data insights and best in class technology.  

We understand that marketers have never had more data but without a dedicated team focused on business growth it can become overwhelming. We pride ourselves on helping your business reduce your marketing spend while at the same time increasing customer growth.

We are idea-driven, working with a strong focus on collaborative culture which produces results that endure. Interested in becoming a part of the data revolution?

When it comes to customer retention it’s crucial to use first-party and third-party data to develop insights. This is why we built Petram Analytics, to analyze every key customer and marketing metric to help B2C businesses acquire new customers.

Founded in 2018, we are a proud Detroit based firm with a talented team of data scientists, engineers, analysts, and coaches committed to democratizing data analytics. Leveraging our teams and partners insights from automotive, mortgage, payments, and technology industries to directly impact your bottom line. We are strong believers in that behind every successful business is a strong data team, keeping everything running and growing smoothly.


Behind The Scenes at Petram Analytics

Patrick Sedlmayr
Lead Data Scientist

Paula Potter
Executive Assistant

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