Software Engineering Speed Networking

Meet With Top Columbus Tech Companies

Software Engineering Speed Networking

When: August 30, 4-6 PM (ET)
Where: Virtual
Price: Free

Calling all software engineers! Join us on Tuesday, August 30th for an afternoon of virtual speed networking with top hiring tech companies Columbus, OH. We'll pair accepted participants with recruiters for a quick 15-minute virtual call.    




Who Should Apply?

As we hand-select participants, check out some of the things we're looking for below. You do not need to be actively job hunting to participate. This is a great chance to meet with recruiters, put some feelers out, and see what kind of opportunities are out there!

(Please note that participating companies are still be finalized and the “Bonus Experience/Skills” section may change a bit. If you meet the criteria in the top two sections, please apply.) 


  • Masters or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related major
  • OR 3+ years of experience in software engineering
  • Columbus, Ohio -OR- Remote
  • Authorized to work in the US

Bonus Experience/Skills:

  • Java Developers 
  • Mobile Developers


How Does It Work?

Job seekers — submit your interest by completing this survey.

We’ll ask you for some of the basics and a resume. Just be sure to hold the date and time on your calendar. 

Once we have your application, we’ll review your qualifications and see if you're a match for at least one company participating in the event.

Don’t worry, we won’t match you with your current employer if they’re participating — they’ll never know you attended the event 🤫

If you’re a match, you’ll receive an email letting you know one to two weeks before the event!

We’ll pair you with any additional employers who are looking for a similar skillset. We hope to connect you with multiple companies, but there might only be one who is a good fit.

Participating job seekers — expect to receive your final schedule one to two days in advance.

While we’ll do our best to schedule all your meetings back-to-back, they could happen at any time in the 4 - 6 PM ET time frame.

Attend your speed networking meetings!

Each meeting will take place on a separate Zoom link, so it will be important for you to follow your schedule closely. Meetings will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes for transitions. Use this time to share more about yourself, learn about the employer, and build a relationship with the recruiter. Make sure to exchange contact info or LinkedIn connections. 

Other FAQs

Do I have to be job hunting?

NO! This event is focused on networking. You do not need to be actively job hunting. This is about building community and connections for the future. 

My current company is attending the event. Will they see I’m participating?

No, your participation in the event will only be shared with employers you are scheduled with, and we will not pair you with your current employer. 

What information will companies receive about me?

We will pass along relevant information including your resume and LinkedIn profile. You’ll be able to share anything else during your 15-minute call. 

Are all participating companies hiring?

While most will be actively hiring for software engineers, that might not be the case for all. Be sure to do your research in advance by reviewing their hiring page and really think of this event as a time to build relationships. Again, you do not need to be actively job hunting. 





Confirmed Companies 


P.S. Are you a Columbus-based tech company interested in participating? Email to learn more.

Participating Companies & Partners

Veeva Systems Empora-Title-Logo@2x

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