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Best practices for recording videos

We love videos at Purpose Jobs. There's just something powerful about putting a face to a voice in this increasingly virtual world, whether you're sharing more about a job, yourself as a potential employee, or gushing about your company’s culture. Videos are a great way to be more human. 

That's why we strongly encourage you to use videos to elevate your personal or company brand.

To help you create better videos, here are some video best practices:

Step 1: Have fun & be you!

Our first piece of advice is the most important. We’re leveraging video because we want to be more authentic. Keep that in mind when recording. Make sure you don’t sound too scripted or appear too stiff. Rattle off your thoughts, give us some laughs, be the real you. It will go much further than just reading from a screen. 

Step 2: Check your lighting.

Generally speaking, you want light shining on your face. Sit in front of a window on a sunny day or use lamps in front of you. Turn off the lights in the background. 

Pro-tip: use natural light whenever possible!

Step 3: Listen for loud sounds.

Is the heater on? Do you have a loud fan running? How about the dishwasher or dryer? Turn the loud appliances off to help ensure your audio is crisp and clear. Also, make sure you're not in an echoing room. 

Pro-tip: use headphones with a microphone for better audio quality!

Step 4: Consider your background.

This can really elevate a video. We recommend a background with character, whether that’s a bookshelf, nice couch, office feature to highlight, or an interactive/authentic background. Just don’t forget to clean up the clutter. Clutter is distracting to the viewer, making it harder for them to focus on what you have to say. 

Step 5: Get the camera eye level.

You don't want to be looking up and you don't want to be looking down. You want the camera at eye level. Books are the perfect way to adjust the height of your device. Go grab some off the shelf! 

Pro-tip: if you're using your phone, use the back-facing camera and shoot horizontally. 

Step 6: Check your appearance.

The best rule when it comes to appearance is to be your authentic self. If you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, wear just that. If you enjoy dressing in business attire, go for it. But check your overall appearance and make sure it doesn't look like you just rolled out of bed. 


We want to help you produce a high quality video, but we need your help to make it authentic. Keep all the above tips in mind, but don’t be afraid to get creative & have fun! 

Now, you're ready to go out and create great content for the Purpose community! Happy recording!