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Startup Hiring: How to Find, Recruit, and Hire the Best Talent

For many startups, their #1 bottleneck isn’t customer acquisition, it’s not lead generation, it’s not even cash flow… It’s hiring. But growing your startup is directly tied to the ability to grow your workforce. In this guide, we break down expert strategies, tactics, and tips for building a bulletproof hiring process.

Table of Contents


The Definitive Guide to Startup Hiring

If you’re looking to hire amazing talent for your startup, the timing has never been better—people around the world are seeking their next opportunity with a company just like yours.

Chapter 1

How to Build an Effective Hiring Process

An important hiring concept to understand is the recruiting life cycle. While each organization is different, every one will need to provide structure and guidance to every candidate being recruited.

Chapter 2

Using Company Culture to Align With Prospective Employees

A rock-solid recruitment process also ensures stronger alignment with your company culture, which is the hidden glue that brings people together around a shared goal.

Chapter 3

Writing Inspiring Job Descriptions

You have a clear idea of who you want to hire and a compelling employer brand. Now what? The next step is to convince high performers to fill out your job application.

Chapter 4

How to Source High Performing, Diverse Talent

With your hiring plan, employer brand, and job descriptions in order, you’re ready to begin sourcing talent. Research has shown that in previous years, the majority of people who took new jobs weren’t searching for one.

Chapter 5

BONUS: Startup Hiring Tips From the Trenches

Here are a few advanced tips we’ve seen startups add to their recruiting process. Think you can use any of them?