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Midwest Salary & Cost of Living Handbook

Competitive tech salaries, affordable cost of living, and a great work-life balance... we break it all down in this guide, created in partnership with the team at Optimist. Discover why people are leaving tech jobs on the coast for a life in the Midwest.


Table of Contents

Midwest seasons

Moving to the Midwest: Why People are Migrating

It's not just flyover country. And we're not surprised that tech workers are leaving the coasts for jobs in Midwestern states indeed.

map expensive cities

Most Affordable Places to Live: Comparing Cost of Living in the Midwest

You really can have it all in the Midwest — and for a lot cheaper than on the coasts.

Top in-demand jobs

Silicon Prairie: Analyzing Tech Jobs Across The Midwest

Midwest startups are recruiting plenty of new talent. See what tech jobs are most in demand in the Midwest's fastest growing cities.


10 Best Cities for Tech Jobs

The entire Midwest is booming, but these are the region's top 10 cities for employment by the numbers.

columbus skyline

Tech Salaries in the Midwest

If the cost of living is more affordable in the Midwest than on the coasts, does that mean that salaries are lower, too? Not necessarily. We breakdown tech salaries and compare them in the top Midwest cities.

compare salaries 4

The Best Places to Live: Comparing Midwest Standard of Living to Coastal Cities

On the coasts, your dollars only go so far. With great salaries and a better cost of living, your Midwest salary becomes a lot more valuable...

Your dream job in tech is closer than you think.

Find a startup job in your Midwest community

Your dream job in tech is closer than you think.