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Coastal Startup and Tech Companies Hiring in the Midwest

Coastal Startup and Tech Companies Hiring in the Midwest

Whether hiring for remote jobs or looking for local talent, many startups and tech companies are looking to tap into the amazing talent pool in the Midwest. And many of these companies are hiring on the Purpose Jobs platform. 

Startups are hiring for remote startup jobs and in-person opportunities in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago and across the Midwest. Here are some great startups hiring right now, including San Francisco startups and New York startups that might be just what you’re looking for.


12 Coastal Companies Hiring Tech Talent Now

1. Vroom (New York City)

One of the hottest areas of tech right now is in the disruption of traditional sales pipelines such as how people buy cars. Vroom is hiring in Detroit and for remote jobs out of its New York office. The startup is disrupting the automotive sales industry by creating a remote purchasing process for reconditioned used cars that are delivered directly to customers and can even be returned after a week of driving. Detroit-based jobs for Vroom include senior product analyst, data science manager, and help desk level two. Remote jobs are listed for senior product manager and back-end software engineer.


2. Dynatrace (Boston)

Dynatrace is based out of Boston and hiring in Detroit for their vibrant Ford Field office. The cloud services startup offers AI-leveraged software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity. If you love cloud services startups or working with AI and automation, this is a great opportunity to work for a well-known Boston-based tech company, while being able to commute to popular Ford Field, where Dynatrace’s Detroit office is located. Dynatrace needs a Detroit-based senior platform architect, several types of software engineers, an IT security analyst, technical recruiter, and HR professionals.


3. KLA (Silicon Valley)

KLA, out of Silicon Valley has a growing office in Ann Arbor, Michigan (and is opening a new state-of-the-art campus there this fall), and is now hiring for positions in that location. KLA is hiring a whopping 600 engineers, physicists, and data scientists to the Ann Arbor campus to work on everything from virtual reality to self-driving automotive technology to factory robotics. Ann Arbor is home to the KLA artificial intelligence R&D team, and has connections with nearby University of Michigan, where a lot of research into new AI technology is happening. KLA is a great place to work for anyone interested in software, data analysis, systems administration, software hardware integration, deep learning and image processing, and any number of other opportunities in the automotive and advanced manufacturing technology space. 


4. SpotOn (San Francisco)

A payment processing and point-of-sale software solution for small business, SpotOn is a San Francisco-based tech company but is hiring in Chicago and Detroit. Are you a technical project manager? A GoLang, Python, or React.js engineer? SpotOn is hiring for these positions out of Chicago and remote, and also a product marketing specialist and QA engineer.


5. Inflection (Silicon Valley)

Want to work in Silicon Valley but still take advantage of the low cost of living in the Midwest? Inflection is the parent company of GoodHire, a provider of employment screening solutions. 


6. Vector (San Francisco)

Also hiring remotely from San Francisco Right now is startup Vector. Vector creates software to bring the transportation and logistics industry online to improve efficiency of shipping. Vector is a Silicon Valley SaaS startup currently in Series A. They are hiring remotely right now for front-end and back-end engineers, a mobile engineer and technology deployment manager, and a customer success manager. 


7. Upstart (Silicon Valley)

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with a vibrant Columbus office, Upstart is a fintech company offering fair and fast loans. The tech company uses artificial intelligence to expand access to reasonably priced credit, so more people can access what they need financially. The company went public back in December 2020, and have been rapidly growing. They are hiring for many engineering jobs in Columbus, Ohio. 

8. True Link Financial (San Francisco)

True Link is another Silicon Valley fintech startup hiring in Columbus. True Link that offers financial services to help address the challenges that many older adults, people with disabilities, and people in recovery may face. True Link is a mission driven startup hiring a customer service rep.


9. Dutchie (Bend, Oregon)

Founded by two brother native to Metro Detroit, Dutchie is an online cannabis ordering platform based in Oregon. The company recently raised $200 million and rapidly growing their remote team


10. Smart Financial (Costa Mesa, CA)

Smart Financial is an insurtech startup headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. This Orange County startup also has an office in Columbus, Ohio. The company is on a mission to build and more efficient insurance marketplace to help people save time and money. Their team is rapidly growing and hiring all kinds of roles.

11. Veeva (Pleasanton, California)

Headquartered in the Bay Area, Veeva has more than 15 offices around the world, including Columbus, Ohio. The enterprise cloud software company helps the life sciences industry bring new therapies to the market faster. Their robust engineering team in Columbus is hiring, but Veeva also lets employees work anywhere—whether that's at home or in an office. 


Check out these and other hiring startups on the Purpose job board to find a great tech startup to work for, no matter where you live and work in the U.S.


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