6 Tech Giants Located in Detroit

Brytanie Killebrew

By on 07/18/19

6 Tech Giants Located in Detroit

There's more to Detroit than home-grown startups and budding entrepreneurship. Serving as inspirational pillars within the startup community, there are 6 major tech companies with deep roots across Detroit.

These tech giants are the mightiest of the mighty that shape our present and future. Interested to learn more? Check out the 6 tech giants in Detroit.


google logo


Littered with colorful decor, thematic conference rooms and an endless supply of snacks, the Google Detroit office meets all expectations of it's Bay Area branches. Nestled neatly into Little Ceasers Arena, the Motown office is predominately made of sales associates supporting the brands massive advertising arm.  

Team Size: 100

Office Size: 30,000 square feet

Office Perks: Workout rooms and state-of-the-art kitchens




Joining the scene in 2012, Twitter was one of the first tech giants to see Detroit's burgeoning potential. The Detroit joins Chicago as the second midwest office for the social media behemoth. In addition to supporting the companies larger office located in New York, Tokyo and London, the Detroit branch is largely focused on supporting the city's automotive giants including General Motors, Ford and Fiat-Chrysler. 

Team Size: <50

Office Size: Not disclosed

Office Perks: Team outings and rooftop deck


Linkedin Logo


As the newest U.S. office for the company in a decade, the Detroit Linkedin office represents the successful tech renaissance of the historic city. While the small team is largely focused on advertising and hiring needs, its employees still have access to the usual tech office troupes: stunning decor, mindfulness room and a café.

Team Size: <100

Office Size: 70,000 square feet

Office Perks: Barista lounge, library and parent's room




With the intention to create a collaborative environment and access to innovative technologies and expertise, Microsoft's Detroit Technology Center joins New York, Silicon Valley and other's as yet another U.S. tech hub. While the Michigan office's predominate focus lies in sales, it works locals including Ford and Quicken, offering boot camp-like atmosphere of software customization to customers at no cost.

Team Size: 200

Office Size: 45,000 square feet

Office Perks: Open kitchens and spacious conference rooms




Detroit is now home to (a piece of) the world's largest retailer. Amazon Detroit still promises the fast-paced, innovative experience made famous by its Seattle headquarters. While a portion of its employees are responsible for advertising sales, the Detroit office's dominate employment focus falls within the engineering, software development and tech space.

Team Size: >200

Office Size: Not disclosed

Office Perks: Not disclosed




As the second major social media company to join the Detroit buzz, the intent behind opening the southeastern Michigan office centered around the automotive industry. The DIY-centric platform plans to create strategic marketing programs to increase awareness and drive revenue growth for the city's automotive giants.

Team Size: <50

Office Size: Not disclosed

Office Perks: Not disclosed



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