100 Best Places to Work in Midwest Tech 2022

Ryan Landau

By on 01/24/22

100 Best Places to Work in Midwest Tech 2022

There’s a reason why Americans are leaving their jobs in record numbers. The Great Resignation/Great Reshuffle is only continuing in 2022 as people leave their jobs in search of better places to work.

So after months of research, we rounded up the 100 best companies to work at in 2022 based on work/life balance, well-being benefits, and growth opportunities.

From small startups (less than 100 employees) to mid-sized startups (100-1000 employees), large tech companies (startups over 1000 employees and public or acquired tech companies) to remote startups, these are the best places to work in 2022.

Plus, many are hiring remotely and looking for top candidates to be a part of their team. Click on the categories to check out details about each company.

Best Places to Work 2022: Small Startups

Best Places to Work 2022: Mid-Sized Startups

Best Places to Work 2022: Large Tech Companies

Best Places to Work 2022: Remote Tech Companies


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