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Employer Branding Examples to Help You Attract the Right Talent

Employer Branding Examples to Help You Attract the Right Talent

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a star pupil simply by posting a job? No need to share information about your company, get visibility on multiple job boards, and not even the hours it can sometimes take to source the perfect candidate. Sounds like a dream right? Yup. ‘Cause, that’s what it is. 

Attracting quality candidates takes work. Work that is so worth it in the end. Investing in employer branding tactics go a long way, especially in attracting talent. A whopping 75% of job seekers consider a company’s employer brand before applying for a job. That’s a huge number. And even more, 9 out of 10 candidates would apply for a job when it’s from an employer brand that’s actively maintained. 

So where do you even begin developing and maintaining an employer branding strategy? We’ve got you covered.

Employer Branding Examples

10 Employer Branding Examples to Add to Your Strategy


Give a BTS look into your culture

Highlight your culture on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. with fun posts about people, events, and your office (if applicable). Any opportunity to showcase the people that make up your team helps talent connect and even see themselves as a potential team member. What’s your company vibe? Are you silly? Serious? Cool? Whatever it is, make sure it comes through in these images and videos.


Brag about your work

What are you working on? Do you have any big projects launching next year or are you working with other exciting companies to meet a goal? Candidates are looking for work that will engage them and excite them. If you’re launching a contract with a government agency to clean up all local parks in your community, you will reach people who are also passionate about environmental topics. And those people will be more engaged as employees.


Make your careers page user-friendly

This seems like an obvious strategy, but you’d be surprised how often candidates leave careers pages because they can’t even find where to apply for jobs. Your open positions should be either right on your careers page, accessible to candidates right away, or on another page linked multiple times to your careers page to allow candidates to get to it from different spots on the career landing page. 


Share your purpose

Why do you do what you do? Why did your founder start your company? Who is your customer and why are you dedicated to them? These are the questions candidates have about your company. Understanding why you’re doing it will create a compelling attraction to talent because it allows them to connect with your purpose. 



Add employee stories on your careers page

People attract people. If you have employees who are interested and willing to share their stories, let them! Whether it’s about their involvement in internal employee groups, their career growth, or an amazing project they worked on, let your people brag about themselves. This shows candidates that you not only value people and what they bring to the table, but also encourage sharing and want the world to see their value, too.


Include videos in your job descriptions

Because people are more inclined to watch a video or listen to an audio clip over reading, we suggest implementing video job descriptions whenever possible. It allows you to give the job and your company a little flare and engages talent faster. 


Don’t be a party-pooper

Instead, attend events! It’s a great way for you to meet like-minded individuals who also own businesses, or are on the same career path you are. And most importantly, it’s a great way to get face-to-face time with talent. A lot of people make strong career connections through networking and even land jobs that way. Don’t miss out on those talented candidates. And if you need a push to get out there, we host a variety of events throughout the year!


Get recognized

One of the easiest ways to attract top talent is to get recognized with some sort of workplace award. We’ve seen firsthand that employers who get on the Best Places to Work list, the Top Startups to Watch roundup, or even the list of companies with the best benefits get a ton of attention from great talent. Sometimes you can get recognized organically through simply being awesome, but sometimes you have to work for it. And so you should! Apply for those award lists and let your company shine.


Stay in the news

Similar to bragging about your work, if your company is doing something exciting, talk about it! We love a good funding story, a new innovative product release, etc. It’s engaging, fun to read about, and ultimately shows candidates you are growing and have exciting momentum as a company. 


Maintain in order to gain

As previously mentioned, candidates take note when a company’s employer brand strategy is inconsistent. Similar to what we’ve experienced over the last few years with brands suddenly taking interest in social issues, candidates can easily see when your employer brand strategy is only beefed up because you’re currently hiring. This should be a priority for you all year round, whether your team is growing or not.

We know that developing and implementing an employer branding strategy can be really overwhelming — that’s where we come in. Purpose Jobs is here to help you tell your story and attract great candidates. Ready to get started? Contact our sales rep, Emma, today!