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Operation Mobile Spouses: Pioneering Employment Solutions for Military Spouses

Operation Mobile Spouses: Pioneering Employment Solutions for Military Spouses
Operation Mobile Spouses: Pioneering Military Spouse Job Solutions

As Military Spouses Appreciation Day on May 10th nears, it's essential to spotlight initiatives that significantly enhance workforce inclusivity and flexibility. Central Point Partners (CPP), a premier professional staffing and IT services provider based in Central Ohio, is leading the charge with their Operation Mobile Spouses (OMS) program. CPP makes it a primary focus to address the unique challenges faced by military spouses, a group whose potential is often untapped due to systemic employment barriers.

Addressing the Employment Challenges for Military Spouses

Despite being highly capable and ready to contribute, military spouses contend with an unemployment rate that far exceeds the national average. The nomadic nature of military life, coupled with significant caregiving duties, often interrupts their professional aspirations. OMS tackles these challenges by not only making military spouses employable but ensuring they excel in rewarding career paths.

Pam Stanczewski, Founder and CEO of CPP and a fervent advocate for military families, offers insights into the struggles and the impactful solutions provided by OMS:

"The unemployment crisis among military spouses is not just alarming—it's an epidemic. Witnessing their struggles first-hand propelled our team to take decisive action," said Pam. "With OMS, we're not just discussing potential solutions; we're implementing them. By tapping into our expertise as a leading staffing and IT service provider, we're committed to transforming these challenges into opportunities for career fulfillment and stability for military spouses across the nation."

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The Impactful Work of OMS: Employ, Equip, and Empower

  • Employ: OMS strategically focuses on providing versatile career opportunities in various fields, facilitating remote work that complements the military lifestyle. The initiative aims to elevate spouses into senior roles, surpassing typical employment barriers.
  • Equip: OMS’s training program equips military spouses with the skills necessary to thrive in the staffing industry, ensuring they are competent and confident professionals.
  • Empower: Supporting a community where military spouses can regain and reshape their professional identities is central to OMS, crucial for their personal growth and economic contributions.

Shelby Van Winkle, military spouse and program participant stated, "I felt like part of me was lost when I became a military spouse. OMS has been instrumental in helping me rediscover and reclaim my professional identity, providing not just a job, but a career path that respects and integrates my lifestyle."

Call to Action for Business Collaboration and Community Support

OMS's success brings to the forefront the urgent need for businesses to reevaluate their recruitment strategies. By partnering with OMS, companies can access a resilient and skilled talent pool, significantly reducing unemployment among military spouses. These collaborations not only enhance workforce diversity but also align with broader corporate social responsibility goals by promoting inclusivity and flexibility. OMS is actively addressing challenges related to connectivity and visibility, with ambitious plans to expand its reach and deepen its impact within the military spouse community. 

As we celebrate Military Spouses Appreciation Day, it is crucial to recognize and support initiatives like OMS. These programs advocate for a sense of belonging and purpose in the workplace. To make your impact, and for more information, email


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