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Purpose Studios Presents: Life at Aware, Behind the Scenes Docuseries

Purpose Studios Presents: Life at Aware, Behind the Scenes Docuseries

Companies rely on digital communication, but how can we be sure these collaboration platforms are secure for the companies and safe for the people using them? Is there a way to glean insight from how employees use these tools in order to create a better workplace? 

That's exactly why Aware was founded. Since 2017, Aware has been building technology that uses AI to help companies mitigate risk and compliance issues with the data that is passed through collaboration sites like Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

Taking it one step further, they also help companies leverage insight from the data collected to understand employee sentiment so companies can build a better place to work for their employees.

Since its founding, the company has continued to grow, both in Columbus and remotely.

They recently moved into their new office in Columbus' Brewery District, and it's pretty sweet. Featuring a living green wall, bourbon room, rooftop patio, and an overall great place for collaboration, it's one of the coolest offices in Columbus. 

Alongside all the growth, Aware has continued to prioritize humans and empathy above all else. 

We went behind the scenes at Aware's awesome office and sat down with folks across departments to get the inside scoop on the company's growth, technology and culture.

Join us for this 3-part docuseries and get real insight into what it's like to work for Aware. 



The Evolution of Aware

Co-founders Jeff Schumann (CEO), Shawn Domer (Director of Product Engineering), and Matt Huber (Sr. Director of Information Security & IT) speak to the founding & evolution of Aware. 


Building the Future of Work

Team members Ali Flynn (Director of Customer Success), Matt Pasternack (Chief Product Officer), and Deb Bitzan (Senior Product Manager) touch on the importance of Aware's technology & the impact it's making. 


Our Human First Culture

Hear from Pat Beal (Sr. Product Manager), KyJah Keys (Senior Product Engineer), and Jordan Hamm (Sr. Product Design Manager) on key elements of the Aware culture.