Purpose Studios Presents: Life at Veeva, Behind the Scenes Docuseries

Lauren Zyber

By on 04/17/23

Purpose Studios Presents: Life at Veeva, Behind the Scenes Docuseries

In 2018, Veeva Systems, a Silicon Valley-founded tech company powering the path to the world’s new medicines, announced a new U.S. Hub office in Columbus, Ohio and the addition of 130 jobs.

Since then, the company has continued to grow and hire in Columbus, now boasting over 200 employees in the Columbus office alone.

How does a Silicon Valley company launch a tech office in the Midwest and quickly become one of the best places to work? 

Just ask the Veevans.

We went behind the scenes at Veeva’s office just outside of Columbus in Dublin, Ohio and chatted with people from all parts of the company — engineering, product operations, sales and more. 

Go behind the scenes with us in this 5-part docuseries for a real look at what it’s like to work at Veeva in Columbus. 



Who Is Veeva?

Pinal Patel (Veeva CIO) and Niraj Shekhar (VP of IT Commercial Systems) share what Veeva is all about as a cloud solutions tech company for the life sciences industry. 


Veeva: Behind The Scenes in Columbus

George Essilfie (Director, Product Operations) and Niraj Shekhar talk about flexibility, hybrid working, onsite workout classes and all the yummy food.


Veeva: A Public Benefit Corporation In Action

Karrie Sullivan (Director of Sales Support) explains what a Public Benefit Corporation is and why Veeva was the first company to become one. 


Veeva Engineering: A Day in the Life

Ayan Dave (Director of Engineering - Platform) takes you behind the scenes of what it's like to be a Veeva Engineer, the culture of the team, and the opportunity at hand. 


Veeva Columbus: Silicon Valley Meets Midwest

Niraj Shekhar (VP of IT Commercial Systems) shares what it's like to work at a Silicon Valley-founded tech company in Columbus, Ohio and the unique culture that Veeva has.


Veeva is hiring! Check out all jobs at Veeva and apply now.


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