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Midwest Cities Show ‘Resilience’ Amid Broader Downturn in VC, Startup Activity

Midwest Cities Show ‘Resilience’ Amid Broader Downturn in VC, Startup Activity

Midwest cities are proving resilient amid a broader downturn in VC and startup activity. 

That’s one of the key takeaways from M25’s annual deep dive into the performance of Midwest micro-environments in terms of startup activity, access to resources, and business climate.

While the Midwest was not spared, “the slide wasn’t nearly as dramatic,” the early-stage venture firm wrote in its analysis. 

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“Fortune 500s are not canceling their software or delaying cloud migrations, startup CEOs aren’t laying off whole teams of expensive developers and Indiana and Missouri scaleups aren’t struggling under a 100x revenue multiple that they’ll never grow into.”

Here’s a look at the top 5 cities based on a weighting of the three categories:

1. Chicago
2. Minneapolis
3. Indianapolis
4. Pittsburgh
5. Columbus

St. Louis fell out of the top 5 and Columbus appeared there for the first time, after “aggressively courting” venture capital investment.

M25 Midwest Startup Rankings
image source: M25

You can check out the full city rankings page for all 64 cities.

Here are M25’s highlights:

  • Chicago: SMS Assist acquired for $950M, LanzaTech raised $500M and IPO’d at a $2B market cap, and new firms announced closing $40M+ Fund 1’s including: Buoyant, Energy, and 81 Collection

  • Columbus: Branch raised $215M, MentorCliQ $80M, and Heartland Ventures announced a $52M F2

  • Detroit: a boom in electric cars and infrastructure spend is just one part of Detroit’s move from #7 up to #6

  • Minneapolis: Gravie raised $179M and Flywheel raised $54M. Arthur Ventures announced $470M across two funds, and Jamf Ventures $50M Fund 1

  • Indianapolis: Sanctuary Wealth raised $175M, Scale Computing $55M, Authenticx $20M, and two new firms launched: Ground Game and Ivy Ventures

  • Throughout the Midwest: Columbia’s EquipmentShare raised $290M, Lincoln’s Spreetail $208M, and Kansas City’s PayIt $90M. Ann Arbor’s Arboretum Ventures closed a $268M fund, and Plymouth Growth closed a $125M fund


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