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Midwest Tech Job Digest: Non-Tech Jobs

Midwest Tech Job Digest: Non-Tech Jobs

If you're one of those people who is looking for a new opportunity because you didn't like the review you received, didn't get the raise you wanted, saw that sun decided to come out — whatever the reason — you came to the right place! 

We love to promote highly technical jobs because we know there's such great technical talent in the Midwest that deserves the opportunity to work for these great companies. But, this week we're featuring non-tech jobs — for those of you who aren't "technical" but love working in the tech environment.

Midwest Tech Job Digest

There are companies out there that are still hiring! And they want to meet you👇

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Companies Still Hiring

  • UberEther - A group of software developers and consultants.

  • Zipari - A company developing a customer experience platform designed specifically for health insurance.

  • Windfall - Our mission is to change how organizations perceive and use people data.

  • Teachable - A venture-backed company that allows anyone to create and sell online courses.

  • SkySlope - The industry-leading digital transaction management platform for real estate professionals.

  • Rescale - A cloud simulation platform that enables research scientists and engineers to build, compute, analyze, and scale simulations.

  • Mediaocean -  Provides software platforms for the advertising community.

  • Forward - A healthcare startup that provides a membership-based healthcare system.

  • Entrata - Provides software to the property management industry.

  • Attentive - A personalized mobile messaging platform.

Job Opportunities


Head of Claims | Vouch Insurance
Director of Enterprise | Vouch Insurance
Community Manager | The Speak Easy
Loan Workout Analyst | Fund That Flip (now Upright)
Talent Acquisition Coordinator | Accumtech
Director of Financial Planning | Signal Advisors
Accounting Associate | Signal Advisors
HR Specialist: Recruitment | Optimus Technologies
Marketing Manager | Optimus Technologies
Technical Sourcing Lead (Global Supply Chain) | KLA
Field Marketer | RIVET Work


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Job Hunting Resources

The job hunt isn't just about applying to jobs — it deserves some prep work. Get your resume ready, your LinkedIn profile updated, and check out some of our strongest job-seeking tips below. Let’s get you ready to rock and ace those interviews.

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