A Final Toast to 2017 (and a peek into 2018)

Ryan Landau

By on 12/13/17

A Final Toast to 2017 (and a peek into 2018)

There’s a lot to be grateful for.

We opened up our doors less than nine months ago, and thanks to all of you we’re still moving full steam ahead.

Before stepping into 2018, I want to take a minute to call out some of the people, places, and things that have allowed us to continue to grow. I also want to give you a peek into the future of re:purpose. We’re cooking up some fun stuff that we’re pretty excited about, and think you’ll be excited about too.

First, Detroit
It’s no accident that we launched our headquarters in Detroit. We would not be able to do this business if it weren’t for this time now, and this time only, in a city that’s going through a historical renaissance. The energy here—the dedication, the opportunity—it’s brewing, and it’s got an undeniable gravitational pull. It’s why big players like Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn have all decided to expand into the space.

The re:purpose community alone has grown to more than 12,000 entrepreneurs, VCs, and techies, and it’s all because we recognize that there’s something special about Detroit.

Our Passionate Employers
Thank you for joining us in our mission to build a community of purpose-driven people working for purpose-driven companies. What we know is that today’s brightest minds aren’t just looking for a paycheck. They’re looking for job fulfillment. A place where they can put their passion to work for a worthy vision or cause.

Every day we’re thinking about new ways to make better matches for your team, based not just on experience and skill set, but on passion and cultural attributes.

Our Job Seeking Rockstars
We really just can’t say enough about how awesome you are. You represent so much dedication. So much hope! You’re what makes our community of engineers, operations experts, product and UX wizards, and marketing mad scientists possible. And we’re lucky to have all of you.

If we haven’t found you an opportunity yet, hang in there. We make matches based on a holistic range of criteria so that your time is never wasted and your hopes are never raised on the wrong opportunities. Every day we’re actively seeking to match our candidates with the right startup ops. We’ll personally introduce you to a decision-maker as soon as we think we’ve got the right fit.

Looking Ahead

Better matching
We make matches based on compensation, experience, and culture. Culture is important because it’s the thing that plays a deciding role in retaining top talent and driving organizational success.

We’ve been working with some of today’s top influencers in the world of organizational psychology and management thinking to expand our matching criteria to include the things that matter most. In the next year, you’ll see us asking you some new and important questions to make we have a firm grasp on who you are and what you’re looking for.

We’ve also been developing new matchmaking technology that we’re excited to reveal in the coming months. Don’t worry—we’ll still be close by to help guide and support you in your efforts. After all, we’re matching people with people, and there’s no algorithm that can fully replace our own passion for ensuring your success.

Added support
Team re:purpose has grown! Have you met JKatz and Tara yet? Moving forward you’ll have even more support throughout the matching process—from joining our community and creating your profile to setting up interviews and negotiating job details.

Stronger stories
Our talented candidates are more than a resume. Our companies are more than a job posting.

We’ve had a lot of discussions this year about how to digitally showcase everything you have to offer. And we think we’ve found the perfect solution. In the weeks ahead we’ll be sending out information on our new, robust talent and candidate profiles. We’ve designed them to ensure that you shine like the star you are.

More inspiration
Have to admit, we really love this one. In the last year we’ve had a countless number of successful entrepreneurs and professionals reach out to us to ask how they can give back. How can they help the companies on our platform thrive? How can they help our candidates become more entrepreneurial in their career path—even if they never plan to start a business?

We’ll say more soon, but for now just know that we’re working to create a way for you to have access to the advice you want from people you respect. No forums. No social chats. Actual mentor-matchmaking with successful professionals who have walked where you’ve walked and want to share what they’ve learned along the way.

New ways to meet
Techies, VCs, and entrepreneurs unite! This year we kicked off a monthly networking event to create more ways for our community to connect.

More than 30 companies showed up to represent at last month’s event. Salesforce graciously sponsored. There won’t be an event this month since the holidays have everyone busy, but we’ll resume meeting monthly beginning in January. Hope to see you there!

More collaboration
Today, 30% of our talent candidates live out of state, primarily in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. You’ve heard that momentum in Detroit is gaining, and have told us that with the right opportunity you’d consider making the move.

We’ve got you covered. In fact, the whole city does. We recently partnered with key city officials and local organizations who are motivated to bring more tech talent to Detroit. In the near future we’ll roadtrip from coast to coast to meet up with our Michigan expats who are thinking about coming back home. We’ll discuss everything our mitten-shaped corner of the country has to offer.  Stay tuned for more details.

Don’t miss our next BIG announcement!
In the coming weeks we’ll be dropping some exciting news that will take your experience with re:purpose to the next level.

Want to stay in the know? Subscribe to our blog if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, have a happy holiday! We’ll see you on the flipside.


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