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Everything you need to know about Detroit Startup Week

Everything you need to know about Detroit Startup Week

Grab your business cards and press those slacks, Techstars Startup Week Detroit is back and we're here to fill you in on the week's hidden (and not so hidden) gems. 

First things first: this year is the 4th celebration of Startup Week Detroit - Powered by Quicken Loans, bringing together the greater East Michigan entrepreneurial community across all sectors and industries. The 5-day event is anticipated to draw thousands, bringing with it highly anticipated keynotes, panels and bootcamps from leading entrepreneurs.

So let's dive in.

The week's schedule highlights everything from marketing and mobility to fintech and social impact. Here's how the schedule plays out.


Monday, June 17th | Mobility, Marketing & Tech

The week kicks off with tips and tricks on effective marketing strategy, as well as an opening keynote from Forbes' 30 Under 30 member and VICE host, John Henry.  For drinks and networking, you'll want to attend the official Startup Week Happy Hour Kickoff, sponsored by Plain Sight at the Lear Innovation Center from 4:30pm-7:00pm. 


Tuesday, June 18th | Tech, Fintech & Blockchain

Day 2 offers a variety of sessions ranging from sales funnel mastery to coding. While both sound great, we'd recommend checking out David Kohn's chat on intellectual property law and startup protection, because who doesn't love a little free legal advice?

Later in the evening, come hang out with us, Altimetrik and a few of our other friends for an intimate career fair from 4pm-7pm. RSVP here!


Wednesday, June 19th | Finance, Funding & Legal, Entrepreneurship 101

Head into humpday with crash courses on raising investments, business taxes and our favorite: diversity, equity and inclusion within hiring and onboarding, by Grand Circus' Celena Mancina.


Thursday, June 20th | Social Impact, Health, Retail, Small Business/Place-Based Entrepreneurship

Let learning how to build and scale your customer acquisition strategy with Google's David Mehi be your only plan for Thursday. But, since that chat is only an hour, you could also check out the art of copywriting and how to start a podcast


Friday, June 21st | Art & Design, Music, Female Founders, & Food Entrepreneurship

Finally, wrap the week with Friday's keynote, Alisyn Malek, with a discussion on mobility and an all-female panel on black millennial entrepreneurship with The Lip Bar's Melissa Butler, from Shark Tank.

Join in on what the Detroit startup community has to offer by registering here!