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New Program Supports Michigan Climate Startups, Access $150M in Grants

New Program Supports Michigan Climate Startups, Access $150M in Grants

Doubling down on the state's unique position as climate innovation leaders, Let's Grow Michigan announced today a new grant opportunity to help Michigan entrepreneurs access federal funding for climate innovation.

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) ARPA-E Vision OPEN 2024 program is granting up to $150 million in federal funding. To help support Michigan entrepreneurs who want to apply for and win a grant, the Michigan Infrastructure Office announced $10 million for the Vision OPEN Challenge made available through the Make it in Michigan Competitiveness Fund. The program will provide half of the 10% match required by the DOE.

“Startups and small businesses across Michigan have a strategic opportunity to help beat the drum that Michigan is well on its way to becoming an innovation hub and a global leader in climate action,” said Michigan’s Chief Growth Officer Hilary Doe. 

The Growing Michigan Together Council made its final recommendations to the state calling for robust innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems that attract high-growth business and top talent. This, plus the implementation of the MI Healthy Climate Plan, position the state of Michigan as a top leader in climate innovation and help boost its population through talent attraction and retention. The World Resource Institute reports that by 2040, Michigan could create as many as 41,000 new jobs as EV manufacturing and other renewable energy innovations continue to advance throughout the state.

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Let's Grow Michigan's national poll found that 50% of 18- to 34-year-olds wish their community invested more in resources that combat climate change. 

“We’ve heard from young people here in Michigan and across the country that climate action is a top consideration when selecting a place to call home. Continuing to lead in clean energy is good for Michigan’s economic growth as well as for talent attraction and retention,” said Doe.



Winning ARPA-E funding would enhance Michigan’s strategic position in attracting young changemakers who want to work on greenhouse gas-free energy, intermodal transportation, sustainable carbon transition, and more.

Initial applications to the Competitiveness Fund are due by Monday, July 15 to meet the DOE’s concept paper deadline of Tuesday, July 16. For more information about the Make it in Michigan Competitiveness Fund and how to apply for funding or technical assistance, please visit the Make it in Michigan Competitiveness Fund website