Top 5 Highest Paid Startup Salaries

Brytanie Killebrew

By on 05/21/19

Top 5 Highest Paid Startup Salaries

Make no mistakeMoney isn't everything, but it sure does help. And while talking salary isn't anything new, it's still pretty taboo. So why is it that so many of us don't know if (or when!) we're getting underpaid?

Knowing your worth is a right, not a privilege. That's why we're pulling back the curtain and revealing the top 5 highest paid jobs across Detroit startups. Did your role not make the top 5? Download the comprehensive report of 2019 Detroit Startup Salaries here, and see where you fall.


5. Mobile Developer | $77k

Turns out, playing with your phone (and other's) pays. Kicking off our list at the number 5 spot is the Mobile Developer. As a member of the elusive Software Developer family, Mobile Developers are responsible for building out the nuts and bolts of mobile technologies for Google, iPhone and Microsoft platforms.

Average years of experience: 2-4 

Common backgrounds: Bachelors of Computer Science or Engineering, Programming Bootcamps or Self-Taught

Work-life balance: Fair 

Looking for a Mobile Developer job? Start here.


4. Front-end Engineer | $84k

Think The Matrix, sans-leather pleather trenchcoats and you'll get the 4th highest paid role within Detroit startups. Front-end Engineers are largely responsible for writing code for user's browsers. In other words, they're the masters of HTML, CSS and JavaScript who tie together design and technology.

Average years of experience: 3-5

Common backgrounds: Bachelors of Computer Science or Design, Programming Bootcamps or Self-Taught

Work-life balance: Good 

Looking for a Front-end Engineering job? Start here.


3. Product Manager | $92k

Keeping things organized in our number 3 spot is the Product Manager. PMs are generally responsible for coordinating and guiding a product from start to finish, across cross-functional teams. Think of them as the liaison to the engineer, who can also run a killer meeting.

Average years of experience: 2-4

Common backgrounds: Bachelors of Advertising, Business Management, or MBA

Work-life balance: Great

Looking for a Product Manager job? Start here.


2. Back-end Engineer | $93k

Owning the logic and integration for web applications is the bread and butter for the 2nd highest paid role across Detroit startups. Back-end Engineers carry the responsibility of writing web services and APIs that will later be used by Front-end and Mobile Developers. 

Average years of experience: 3-5

Common backgrounds: Bachelors of Computer Science or Engineering, Programming Bootcamps or Self-Taught

Work-life balance: Fair

Looking for a Back-end Engineering job? Start here. 


1. Data Scientist | $98k

Coming in at the number 1 spot of highest paid job across Detroit startups is the coveted Data Scientist. These team members know how to scour through raw data and extract meaning and information. A solid understanding of statistics and machine learning is key for success as a Data Scientist, as the role requires a lot of collecting, munging and cleaning data. 

Average years of experience: 3-5

Common backgrounds: Bachelors of Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Analytics, or MBA

Work-life balance: Good

Looking for a Data Scientist job? Start here.


Want more? Download the 2019 Detroit Startup Salary report, and get a comprehensive breakdown of salaries by role. Detroit Salary Report

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