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Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

Cahoots launches diversity scholarship, offers more than desk space

Created by founders for founders, Cahoots is a coworking tech hub that’s fostering a community for Ann Arbor tech companies and entrepreneurs. And now, they’re making their resources all the more accessible to underrepresented founders.  Driven by its members, the tech hub is launching the Cahoots Diversity Scholarship for entrepreneurs who have be[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

How to Write a Job Description that Brings in the Right Candidates

“It’s just a job description. It’s not a big deal.” That’s the first mistake companies make when it comes to writing job descriptions. Because the truth is, hiring the right person starts with a great job description.  When a job description is sloppy, it can deter smart, thorough candidates. They might think that the company is not well put togeth[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

Keep That Same Energy: What We Learned at the Diversity and Inclusion Panel

On June 23rd, and DVP hosted a virtual panel discussion on diversity and inclusion. We had nearly 200 people join us on Zoom from various parts of the country and even around the world. Missed the panel? We’re recapping all the good stuff we learned from this important conversation. Check it out. Panelists: Kendra Mitchell, Chief of St[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

Anti-Racist Actions Every Startup Founder Can Take Right Now

There’s no doubt that companies, big and small, can have a huge influence on a community. And being a founder, a CEO, a “boss,” and a leader comes with a great position of power. I’ll refrain from any Spiderman quotes here and get to the point. There are so many ways startups, founders, and venture capitalists in our community can use their power f[...]

Ryan Landau

By Ryan Landau

5 Job Hunting Tips for Finding a Purposeful Career

Finding a job can often be frustrating and challenging—and it only gets harder during a pandemic. There’s record unemployment right now, which makes the talent pool extra large right now—and finding a job extra daunting.  But we’re breaking down some best practices and job hunting tips that will make searching for job opportunities—whether that’s d[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

On The Dequindre Cut, Bea’s Turns Helping Small Businesses into an Art Form

It started in 2019 as a silly idea on April Fool’s Day—to buy one of the smallest parcels of land in Detroit. “I saw a listing on April Fool’s Day for this weird little piece of land on the Dequindre Cut,” said Eli Wolnerman, co-owner of Bea’s coworking space, which is located right by the Cut. “We thought we could use that space to put up a tall s[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

Entrepreneurial Report Shows Positive Outlook for Detroit Startups

With the rise of pandemic panic, people are craving data about the state of Detroit’s economy. Luckily our friends at EntryPoint just released their Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report that highlights some promising numbers.  Emily Heintz, the founder & managing director of EntryPoint, noted in the report that COVID-19 is drastically impacting many bu[...]

Brytanie Killebrew

By Brytanie Killebrew

How to Write a Job Description

Growing your team just got easier. We partnered with Google For Startups to bring you the play-by-play on how to attract the best talent by perfecting the art of the job description. We've outlined the most important elements to include and showed you exactly how to do it. Plus, you'll get exclusive access to the in-person event slides. Ready to ge[...]

Dave Corcoran

By Dave Corcoran

Startup Guide to Remote Work

There's a longstanding rumor that hangs heavy over the startup community. The word 'startup' alone insinuates endless hours spent cramped in an office, tolling away long after 5pm, accompanied by nothing but an open-floorplan and the heavy odor of burnout. Not only is it false, but extremely ineffective.  For those old enough to remember, the start[...]

Ashley Lundquist

By Ashley Lundquist

Detroit Startup Hiring Guide

Starting a business is hard, but successfully growing one is harder. Detroit entrepreneurs are cut from a cloth woven thick with ambition, innovation and tenacity—and I'm sure you're no different. And while our community is lush with startups, many experience the difficulties of finding, attracting and hiring talent. Sound familiar? Growing your te[...]