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Want to grow your career? AdAdapted supports employees every step of the way

Want to grow your career? AdAdapted supports employees every step of the way

Data is a powerful tool for brands, and there’s a tech company out there helping brands harness meaningful data in what might seem like a mundane part of our lives: grocery shopping. 

Based in Ann Arbor, AdAdapted connects CPG brands and shoppers through meaningful engagements in the apps that impact path-to-purchase.

Through proprietary integrations across a network of premium mobile partners, AdAdapted targets grocery decision-makers and creates brand connections through content and utility that simplify planning and shopping. AdAdapted has a solution for all CPG brands ranging from the largest household names to emerging brands entering retail for the first time. 

Essentially, they’ve eliminated the guessing game by providing brands and agencies with consumer insights, the ability to influence shopping lists, and drive products into carts right from the ad with up to a 94% cart transfer rate.

AdAdapted team, image courtesy of AdAdapted

Founded in 2012 by Mike Pedersen and Molly McFarland, a woman in tech you should know, AdAdapted has built a great place to work with a fast-paced culture and innovative team. Since starting the company, Molly and Mike have grown a small team of five to over 75 employees and boosted revenue for several years running. AdAdapted has been recognized in the Digiday Technology Awards as Best Native Advertising Platform as well as on Deloitte’s 2021 Technology Fast 500 and the Inc. 5000 list for the second consecutive year with 372% three-year revenue growth. As of 2022, AdAdapted has a 6 year track record; doubling revenue year over year!

That’s not the only thing growing at AdAdapted. The company is also one of the best places to grow your career. They provide real-time professional development with exposure to all core operations; driving personal, team and company-wide success. 

It’s no coincidence that many people who join the AdAdapted team get promoted in their role or explore and grow into totally new career paths. We chatted with two AdAdapted folks to see how their careers have grown since joining AdAdapted. 

Ally Cronander: From Data Analyst to Associate Data Team Lead 

IMG_2743Ally started at AdAdapted as her first job out of college. She started her journey as a data analyst, and AdAdapted paid for her to do a Looker bootcamp to get certified.

But Ally has experienced growth not only from courses and certifications, but also from her day to day life at AdAdapted and the team. 

“The way the team is built allows for a lot of autonomy over what projects you can work on. I love being able to pick and choose. As you get to know the data, you can learn what the company and clients need the most. There’s always new insights and ways to explore the data on behalf of clients, so I expect the team to continue to grow,” Ally said.


What do you like most about your day to day? 

We have really cool, interesting data. The data I work with is about people and their real-life behaviors; there’s a lot of different ways you can analyze it. 

The data is about peoples’ lives and the food they eat. It’s a fundamental part of survival! It tells you a lot about peoples’ lifestyles. It’s very humanized data because of its first party nature, which is much different than other data found in the ad tech space that we are in. 


How has AdAdapted enabled you to grow professionally? 

AdAdapted has enabled me to grow YoY that matched the speed in which I was comfortable and in incremental steps. In the two years I’ve been with AdAdapted, I’ve grown from Data Analyst, to Looker Developer to my current position and recent promotion, Associate Data Team Lead. It’s exciting to be a part of the internal growth paths that are available here at AdAdapted.

I’ve been able to go to multiple seminars to stay up to date on the software we use, not just for my knowledge, but also to ensure my team continues to improve and update projects. I’ve also had the opportunity to enroll in Coursera management courses to help prepare for future promotions and growth. 


What do you find unique/fun about working at AdAdapted?

I really enjoy the people I work with and working with multiple teams. I met and got to know all the people I go to trivia with by working with other departments. 

I have my choice of projects and my manager trusts me. If I feel that we should change our approach to a project, I have the power to make suggestions and decisions. I feel valued here for my knowledge and contributions.

What’s nice about AdAdapted’s flexible work policy, I’ve been able to work from anywhere, as well as remote and hybrid in-office. For me, this means I can lean into my love for travel, work from an airport terminal on a Tuesday or while staying with family across the country.

AdAdapted recently expanded their presence by adding an office in Denver, Colorado. I took this as an opportunity to move from Ann Arbor (HQ) to Denver. This allowed me to move to a bigger city, explore beyond my home state. I love to be outside, so this move gave me a new landscape to explore with lots of activities I love to do; like skiing, hiking and continuing travel! 


Why should someone work at AdAdapted? 

Growth. Positions are set up for you to grow and continue growing up and into new roles. There are plenty of opportunities to continue to learn and build out different skill sets. 


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Haley Murphrey, Sr. Client Success Manager

haley murphreyHaley Murphrey started with AdAdapted as a Client Success Manager in February 2020 and got promoted to Sr. Client Success Manager in August 2021. 

She’s also seen some major growth in her time at AdAdapted, not only from her accomplishments with partners but also from the team and the company’s co-founders. 

“Being able to work directly with our co-founders, Mike and Molly, as well as our engineering and ad operations departments has been a learning opportunity. In the office, I’m frequently able to overhear what people are talking about and ask questions on the fly. Our startup environment makes it easier for learning and growth to happen,” Haley said. 


What do you like most about your day to day? 

The days aren’t entirely predictable. I may have a plan of what the day will look like, but other projects and questions will come up. I can start my day planning on doing one report, but I might end up doing two others that were requested. I enjoy figuring out how to balance different priorities for both internal and external partners. 


What do you find interesting about the space we are in? 

Prior to AdAdapted, I didn’t have any background in media. I had worked in tech and for CPG brands, so I had an idea of objectives for in-store media. I find the components of advertising campaigns interesting and enjoy learning more about how to connect brands with consumers every day. 

Additionally, As more transactions happen on mobile, the space will grow even quicker than it has been. Being a leader in that adtech is exciting to be a part of, but also brings about challenges and new opportunities to grow what we’re doing. 


How has AdAdapted enabled you to grow professionally

The hiring of my manager, Margaret, was a big moment for my professional growth. She has an extensive background in media and client management, particularly on the agency side. I’ve learned a lot from her by talking through her experience and lessons she’s learned. Applying them to my day-to-day has helped me progress and get to where I am.


Why should someone work at AdAdapted? 

We get to work with some really big name brands that you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to work with so closely. You can do so though agency partners or directly. Building relationships with these brands and bringing them back to our unique product is really cool. 


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