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Amazon is buying 400 acres for $116M near Intel site in central Ohio

Amazon is buying 400 acres for $116M near Intel site in central Ohio

According to Licking County Auditor records, Amazon has purchased nearly 400 acres of land just outside of Columbus, Ohio.  The transaction from January 17, totaled $116,653,320 for the 392.11 acres. This is in addition to the 112+ acres that Amazon bought just south of the area back in April 2020. 

"It was expected," Johnstown Mayor Donny Barnard told WSYX. "We don’t know what businesses are coming. but we know there are major players that are going to make Licking County, New Albany, Johnstown their home. It’s amazing how much of a footprint Amazon has in Central Ohio. They already have a location in new Albany. This will be another location. It just keeps growing and growing."

A spokesperson for the city of New Albany told abc6 couldn't say what the area will be used for and that Amazon hasn't submitted plans for the land. However, an application filed to the Ohio EPA by MBJ Holdings LLC, proposed an industrial business park that includes data centers and offices.

Early last year, Intel announced a historic $20 billion investment in central Ohio to build a pair of semiconductor manufacturing plants in New Albany. The announcement was met with major excitement. The two plants are now dubbed "Ohio One."

"Ohio One represents a nod to the past and a look to the future of technology innovation for the Midwest and America," Jim Evers, an Intel VP and general manager of the construction site, wrote in a blog post, comparing the project to the Wright Brothers, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong.

The land Amazon has just purchased is just west of where Intel is located, and momentum around the major investments by big tech has only increased. 



Ever since Intel's announcement last year, the region has been excited for the growth that's predicted to come with it, including more job opportunities. 

"We have a once in a lifetime opportunity," Mayor Barnard said. "I am excited for the opportunities and the jobs that are coming and what it will offer our town here."

This purchase by Amazon comes shortly after the company announced it was laying off thousands of employees. This plus their announcement in November totals around 18,000 cut jobs. However, most of the eliminated roles are connected to the Amazon Stores and PXT divisions. This big move from Amazon could indicate a shift in strategy, and perhaps a doubling down of tech investments. 


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