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Finding Balance with Adam Schoenfeld

Finding Balance with Adam Schoenfeld

How do you build something that lasts? 

That's just one of the questions we tackled in our latest episode of Finding Balance, this time with Adam Shoenfeld, Co-Founder and CEO of Keyplay

I've been sitting down with startup leaders across the region to see different perspectives on work-life balance and how people achieve it. This month, we're partnering with our friends at Boon to make these episodes come to life. 

In my chat with Adam we talked about all sorts of things: waking up at 5:30am for those thirty minutes of "me" time, making Swedish pancakes on the weekend, running a successful business, and integrating all important parts of your life.

"Right now my mindset is about enduring, like trying to go the farthest, not run the fastest or  be the biggest. I think my main motivation is to build something that lasts," Adam said in the interview. 

Check out the full conversation with Adam 👇

Finding Balance with Adam Schoenfeld



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