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Heartland Ventures Announces Successful Closing of $52M Fund II

Heartland Ventures Announces Successful Closing of $52M Fund II

Heartland Ventures, a venture capital firm connecting high-growth startups to Midwest corporations, announced today that they have closed $52M for Fund II. Like their first fund, Fund II will focus on startups with real estate, construction, manufacturing, and logistics B2B strategies. Heartland Ventures is dedicated to connecting traditional technology hubs with the opportunities of the Midwest.

The Heartland Ventures customer — typically billion-dollar, privately held businesses — helps discover opportunities for innovation within their industries. These relationships go deeper than occasional operational advisement, providing guidance for customer reach and connecting startups with their first customers.

“We are thrilled to be announcing the successful closing of Fund II, which is more than triple the size of Heartland’s debut fund. In just a few years, our unique model has proven valuable to high-growth startups and industrial corporations,” said Max Brickman, Founder and Managing Director of Heartland Ventures in today’s press release. “For too long, there has been a disconnect between the innovation happening in traditional tech hubs and the legacy industrial corporations that stand to benefit from it. The opportunity to connect industry with innovation is more compelling than ever.”

The firm focuses on early-stage companies and typically invests between $500,000 and $2 million in Seed and Series A funding rounds. Fund II is expected to include 20 investments in the next four years. 

Visit their website to learn more about Heartland Ventures and its exciting announcement.