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People Collective helps HR community navigate the new normal of work

People Collective helps HR community navigate the new normal of work

When companies around the world were forced to go remote because of COVID-19, HR and people operations folks felt an enormous amount of pressure and were pulled in many directions. 

From navigating remote work to addressing mental well-being, maintaining company culture to avoiding turnover, people in HR were navigating uncharted territory. And many felt like they were doing it alone. 

But the reality is that everyone was trying to figure this out. And that’s why the People Collective was born.
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People Collective was created in late 2020 as companies continued to lean on their amazing HR peers to navigate the unforgettable year. The HR community has come together in ways like never before and relies on their peers not just for knowledge and insight, but for support and shoulders to lean on. 

Chris Henrichs, Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships at Boon Health, and Karen Weeks, SVP of People at Ordergroove saw this first hand, and wanted to form a community specifically for these people. 

People Collective’s goal is to create a community where people can come to ask questions, recommend resources, share their experiences, and learn something new.

Having a community of HR resources and support is always helpful, but after a year that completely changed how we work, this community is more important now than ever. 

“We were encountering things we had never gone through before and didn’t know how to handle them,” Karen said. “It reminded us that everyone is also thinking about these challenges and trying to figure it out. Especially for folks on smaller teams, the best way to get to the right answer is to think about it together.”

For the community, led by the community

People Collective offers an engaging slack community to share HR resources and help others connect. They also host workshops for people operations. Some previous examples include topics on Mental Health Awareness Month, how HR managers can take care of themselves, and creating a culture of inclusion. 

On August 3, 2021, People Collective is hosting another workshop focused on employee retention. With 41% of employees worldwide considering leaving their jobs, employee retention is key in avoiding what experts are calling “The Great Resignation.” 

employee retention event image

If you want to join the lunchtime chat, register for free here. (By the way, our founder, Ryan, is one of the panelists along with people operations experts from startups around the country. Join us!)

Employee retention during “The Great Resignation” is just one of the timely topics that People Collective addresses. The group has slack channels focused around DEI, employee mental wellness, career development and more. 

And if there’s a topic that hasn’t been discussed, Chris and Karen said they’re excited for people to participate and contribute new ideas. 

“As more people get involved, the more ideas we can bring to the table. We want to have a good representation of what people are looking for so that we can always be providing value,” Karen said. “We really want a lot of people to get involved so that we can have diverse voices and address issues from all kinds of perspectives.”

At the end of the day, it all goes back to value for the community. That’s one of the reasons why Karen and Chris make sure members are actively engaged in conversations. They want people to contribute as much as they ask. And they’re always looking for feedback and more ways people can get involved. Plus, they promise not to sell you anything. And yes, it’s free to join.

“Everyone is so busy in the workplace, which is a big reason why we wanted to support this group. And it’s primarily driven by the community,” Chris said. “We wanted to create a positive community that can make an impact on HR leaders who are thinking about these questions on a day-to-day basis. It’s for the community and also led by the community.”

To become a member of the People Collective, join the slack community.


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