Writing a job description? Use this template.

Jason Kemp

By on 02/26/21

Writing a job description? Use this template.

Hiring the right person requires a great job description. 

And while they’re often treated like wish lists by recruiters, candidates are looking through job descriptions to determine whether or not they want to apply for your role. Sloppy JDs might make a thorough candidate think the company isn’t organized or credible. If a job description doesn’t accurately portray a role, candidates might feel blindsided when they interview and get a different picture from what they were expecting. They might feel lied to, or played, which could cause them to lose trust, suspect something fishy is going on, and walk away from the position. 

Pro- tip: before you start your JD, make sure you have a success profile outlined for your open position. 

And there’s no avoiding it: if your job description doesn’t attract top talent, your team won’t be as strong as it could be. 

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So how do you write a job description that brings in top talent? We love this job description template from our friend Brad Voorhees, the VP of People at Blue Wheel and owner of ScaleTX consulting firm. What makes this job description example so great?

It clearly outlines the responsibilities of the roles.

Lets you share a bit about the company and its values.

It lets candidates know what's expected of them in the role. 

Best of all? It lays out a plan for success.

By structuring your job description via monthly progress, you'll let candidates know that the company actually cares about a person’s on-boarding and has a plan for their development and success. Candidates love to see that companies have a growth plan for them.

To use this template, click here, and copy and paste the text into your own document. 

job description template-1

Want more help writing job descriptions? Check out these tips for writing great job descriptions. 

Once you got your job description down pat, you can start planning a process flow for interviewing.

Have a question about the template? Feel free to reach out and email jason@purpose.jobs.


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