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Alli Kelly

By Alli Kelly

Candidate Emails 101: The Foundation of Candidate Experience

Candidate communication can make or break a candidate’s experience. If job seekers don’t get the right information or end up feeling unwanted, they’re[...]

Hannah Slover

By Hannah Slover

How to Write a Great Letter of Resignation

Quitting your job can be a really difficult process. It’s not always easy letting your manager know you’re moving on, but it’s an inevitable part of o[...]

Jason Kemp

By Jason Kemp

Recruiting Tools: What is a Success Profile & How to Use One

A success profile is a great tool for recruiters to use when planning for a new open role at the company. It’s a description of a role in terms of its[...]

Jason Kemp

By Jason Kemp

Writing a job description? Use this template.

Hiring the right person requires a great job description.  And while they’re often treated like wish lists by recruiters, candidates are looking throu[...]