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12 Midwest Startups Offering Mental Health Benefits

12 Midwest Startups Offering Mental Health Benefits

Are you looking for a healthy work environment with a job that offers mental health benefits? As the mental health crisis continues to worsen and companies continue to work remotely, startups are rethinking their benefits—free snacks and Ping Pong just aren’t cutting it in a remote world.

Hiring startups are offering better benefits than ever, often including new wellness programs along with flexible paid time off for mental health self-care. Here are some great companies offering mental health benefits to consider for your next career move. 


Tech Companies that offer Great Mental Health Benefits

1. Clearcover

Clearcover is a fast-growing insurtech startup hiring in Chicago, Detroit, and remotely. Making sure employees have the resources they need to be successful at Clearcover, the company built out robust mental health benefits for employees in 2020. They recently started offering individual counseling sessions to help people navigate what’s been going on in society, especially regarding racism. The team provided up to two sessions for employees. They also have hosted a "Mental Health Workshops: Overcoming Burnout" where a guest speaker and therapist shared tips and strategies to cope with the stress that leads to burnout. On top of all that, Clearcover provides weekly yoga/meditation sessions to all of their employees virtually through Zoom. 

2. Finite State

Finite State is an IoT-focused cybersecurity startup that’s building a great workplace environment. This remote startup offers unlimited PTO, which they encourage employees to take advantage of “to protect and maintain their mental health and take mental health days as needed/desired,” said Anna Tomani, Operations Associate. The leadership team has also started a practice of evaluating on a quarterly basis some days that would be good as company holidays for the whole team. The idea is to make employees take time off that they might not feel comfortable taking otherwise, to prevent burnout and encourage self-care. 

3. Dynatrace

Dynatrace launched their Learn to Live benefit in April 2021, which offers cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and even insomnia. They also have an Employee Assistance Program available for all employees and their families to access free therapy for mental health challenges. The global tech company, which has a large hub in Detroit, uses AI to monitor business application and IT performance and cloud security. 

4. KLA

KLA recently built an Ann Arbor campus and has been on a massive remote and Midwest hiring spree through 2020. The tech company is focused on everything from driverless cars to manufacturing tech through deep research into photon optics, sensors, machine learning, and data analytics. They offer access to mental health counseling through a supplemental program. 


5. ScriptDrop

ScriptDrop creates a combination of telehealth and prescription delivery solutions to make sure people get their medication and proper healthcare. ScriptDrop allows employees one day off a month for mental health. This time, added to other paid time off, can create a buffer for employees dealing with personal or family challenges through difficult times. 

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6. WorkitHealth

WorkitHealth has created online, evidence-based treatment options for substance abuse. The Ann Arbor-based startup is hiring in Michigan and Ohio and remotely across the US. They offer full medical as well as wellness benefits to employees and partner with Bennie to support employees with finding wellness services, providers in their network, and even medical bill negotiations. 


7. Trustpage 

Detroit’s Trustpage is a 2020-founded startup that uses AI to simplify security concerns for software teams. They offer mental health days, and are a great company for engineers who love working in software with software people.

8. Greenlight Guru

How about an Inc Best Place to Work 2021 award winner as your next employer? Indianapolis-based Greenlight Guru makes quality management software for medical devices, and its culture is just as modern. They have everything from a corporate mindset coach to fitness tracking competitions and try to promote a culture of caring about team members across the organization. Greenlight is hiring in Indianapolis or remote. 

9. StockX

No discussion of cool startups would be complete without Detroit’s StockX. This Midwest unicorn revolutionized online luxury goods trading with a culture-shaping high-end sneaker marketplace, and has become a household name for the younger generation. In addition to 50% 401k match and traditional benefits, StockX offers 24/7 telehealth programs, generous paid time off, and fully paid parental leave. 

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10. Kumanu

Kumanu, formerly known as JOOL Health, is a startup that produces company wellness apps and programs, so you can expect their wellness programs for employees to be front and center of their benefits. They offer employees an internally developed virtual life coach, yoga that has gone virtual during the pandemic, and have tried to foster connection through intentional use of technology to connect socially as a team. 

11. CareAdvisors

Chicago’s CareAdvisors offers wellness programs to employees including gym memberships, family medical leave, and paid parental leave. They have an on-site gym, are super casual and collaborative, and they’re pet friendly. They’re hiring for design UX, engineering, and product. CareAdvisors is a minority-owned tech startup that automates the manual enrollment process for healthcare providers. 

12. DigitalMint

DigitalMint is also Chicago based, and have discounted gym memberships for employees along with flexible work from home and vacation policies. Their dedicated diversity and inclusion staff also focus on employee wellness on the social side. They’re a tech startup that helps consumers buy cryptocurrency through Bitcoin ATM and Teller locations. 


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