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Alli Kelly

By Alli Kelly

So, You’re Taking a Mental Health Day. What Now?

Whether you work for a company that has designated mental health days or open-ended “take-what-you-need” days, we applaud you for taking a day for you[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

The New Era of Benefits: Work/Life Balance, Flexibility, and Purpose

A lot is changing about how we live and work as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.  The office as we once knew it is going through a seismic shi[...]

Jackie Cayden

By Jackie Cayden

Employee Engagement Tips for Retaining Great Talent

In April, four million people (equivalent to 2.7% of the American workforce) quit their jobs—a record high since 2000. Now, as 41% of workers worldwid[...]

Laura Cowan

By Laura Cowan

12 Midwest Startups Offering Mental Health Benefits

Are you looking for a healthy work environment with a job that offers mental health benefits? As the mental health crisis continues to worsen and comp[...]

Alex Simmons

By Alex Simmons

Workplace Wellness: Why Mental Health is a Top Employee Benefit

My own mental well-being journey began outside of the workplace because, well, most workplaces don’t have sufficient resources for people.  It can be [...]