The ROI of using

Ryan Landau

By on 09/25/18

The ROI of using

Re:purpose is a hiring platform where Michigan-based startups and tech companies can find thoroughly-vetted, startup-savvy job seekers and techies looking for purpose-driven work.

If your company is thinking about joining the re:purpose platform, read on to discover just a few of the ways you’ll benefit as a member.

Reduce your time-to-hire rate by sourcing candidates faster

On average, talent acquisition professionals spend nearly ⅓ of their work week sourcing candidates for a single role.

That means if you’re sourcing for two positions, you’ve just spent more than half of your work week searching out candidates who:

  • May not respond to your outreach efforts
  • May not be interested in new career opportunities
  • May not be drawn to a startup or tech environment
  • May not have the values you want to develop the culture you need
  • Might apply for the position, but aren’t qualified

We know what you know: there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to sourcing talent with traditional sourcing methods.

At re:purpose, our goal is to remove some of that uncertainty for you.

Companies who use the re:purpose platform experience, on average, an 87% candidate response rate.

Typical recruiting tools like LinkedIn, on the other hand, see a 16% response rate or below.

Response Rates

Best of all, you’ll only be introduced to candidates who have been thoroughly vetted based on their:

  • Technical skills
  • Career goals
  • Passions
  • Interest in or experience with working for startups or tech companies

In fact, based on these criterion, we only accept 9% of the job seekers who want to join our platform.

This ensures that every candidate you look at on the re:purpose platform is looking to work for a company like yours.

Find out how WeWork used re:purpose to significantly cut down their time-to-hire rate.

Get more from your acquisition budget by hiring for a fraction of the cost

You know that your talent acquisition strategy is essential to the success of your company. But like all things, it comes with a budget—both in terms of money and time.

Many traditional staffing agencies and headhunters charge direct hire fees. For every role they help you fill, they charge, on average, 25% of that role’s first year salary.

What would that that look like for you? $15,000 an employee? $20,000? $25,000+?

At re:purpose, we do things differently.

Our cost-effective pricing model was developed with Michigan startups and tech companies in mind.

A membership to the re:purpose platform is subscription-based, which means you pay the same monthly fee no matter what role you’re hiring for.

And a year’s subscription gets you an unlimited number of hires, plus 24/7 access to a full pipeline of qualified, interested, and responsive talent.

Offering a subscription-based price model also allows us to focus on quality rather than quantity. Because traditional headhunters and staffing agencies work on commission, they’re more likely to show you volume rather than carefully screened candidates.

Build a powerful employer brand that attracts world-class talent

Working to build an impressive employer brand is an important part of any talent acquisition strategy.

At re:purpose, we do some of the heavy lifting for you.

As a member of the platform, you’ll have a profile that we’ll help you develop.

Your profile will be colorful and informative, and provide job seekers on the re:purpose platform an exclusive opportunity to learn about your mission.


Your profile will work behind the scenes for you, day and night, helping you boost brand recognition within the startup community, and educating potential employees about who you’re looking for and what you value.

Conversely, you’ll also have access to the profiles of our platform job seekers.

Job seeker profiles tell you more than a LinkedIn profile or resume can, and provide total transparency around each candidate’s compensation needs.

In total, company and job seeker profiles help shave time from the hiring process by accelerating the typical get-to-know-you phase of the hiring process.

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