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The Top Detroit Startups To Watch In 2020

The Top Detroit Startups To Watch In 2020

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Have you ever felt completely drained by what you do? Or kept missing important events with friends and family? Or dreaded coming into work every morning? Everyone wants to feel valued, inspired and supported. And they want to know that the people around them share their values. That could explain why 46% of job seekers say that company culture is a very important factor in their job search.

We spend most of our day (and our life) at work, so it’s important to find a place that feels great—not just pays great. When people are excited and inspired by their work and the team, it’s a win-win. After all, happy employees make happy companies: highly engaged employees show 21% more profitability—and 59% less turnover. So culture should be just as important to your boss as it is to you. 

That’s why we’re breaking down the top Detroit startups with a great company culture and benefits. Where can you learn? Where can you fail? And who has a free gym membership? These companies aren’t just shaking the Detroit startup scene. They also have a lot to offer—and they’re hiring. 

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The Best Detroit Startups Hiring Now

1. Stock X

“Working at StockX today is like if you worked at Nike in 1964. It'd have been Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman, you and some waffle irons.” That’s what StockX says on their website. Waffles? I’m in. Okay, so they weren’t making waffles and neither is StockX, but they both sure do love sneakers. StockX—an online “bid/ask” marketplace for Yeezies, Air Jordans, Rolexes, etc.—breaks down their company values into the “Four T’s: Trucks. Trenches. Transparency. Transformation.” It’s about working hard, being a team player, over communicating and creating StockX fans around the globe. This is the foundation of their team—and what has made StockX one of the fastest growing startups, not just in Detroit but in the country. 


2. Autobooks

Did you see the news? Autobooks was recently named one of the best fintech startups to work at because of its flexible and collaborative culture. They have top-notch benefits like 401k matching, professional development opportunities, leading amenities, and modern offices. Its Detroit hq is located Downtown in the Madison building, which was named one of the world’s coolest office buildings by Inc. Magazine. 


3. OneStream

OneStream creates corporate performance management software. They crushed it last year, bringing in over $130 million in revenue and growing their customer base by 50%, and they’re ramping up for a strong 2020, too. Working at OneStream is all about energy and being a part of an amazing team. They work hard, they play hard, and most importantly, they help each other out. Maybe that's why they were named a top place to work in 2019 by the Detroit Free Press. They also have a gym, which means you save some money and spend it on something fun like smoothies instead. The net net? Check them out.


4. Detroit Labs

WTF is GTKY? It’s the foundation at Detroit Labs, and it starts before Day 1. They don’t hire for culture fit, but they hire great people who make a great culture. That’s why they ask every candidate to fill out their “Getting To Know You” (or GTKY) questionnaire. They’re not looking for perfect, polished answers from these open-ended questions. They just want honest answers that give a sense of your personality. Sounds different, right? It is, and it works. They value people and have built a top-notch team that’s creative, innovative and autonomous. They have Friday Hack Days and pay for conferences, so their employees always keep learning and growing, and they love making great things. 


5. Integral

Our friend Belal Tiba at Integral knows that “extravagant” benefits are what startup dreams are made of. Things like gym reimbursements or PTO for professional development and volunteering are just a few perks at Integral, a software company passionate about solving problems in the mobility industry. They know that to get the best out of their team, employees need to be comfortable in their environment, so they make sure they create an open, inclusive workplace. They also love their Detroit community and spend time volunteering and hosting product office hours.

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6. Rivian

It’s like if a group of mountain climbers started making cars. Okay, so it was just one engineer who really liked rowing down the Indian River. They call their trucks “emissions-free Electric Adventure Vehicles,” so fair to say, adventure is written into Rivian’s DNA. They’re building a team of adventurous thinkers who want to do the impossible. They’re not afraid of a challenge or thinking outside the box. They know it takes courage, grit and a drive to make a positive impact on the world—they love the outdoors and want to protect it. Probably why they give everyone a reusable water bottle when they start. #ReduceReuseRecycle. Oh, and their offices are pretty sweet, too. 


7. Ambassador

This marketing referral software company out of Royal Oak lives and breathes OUTCARE, their culture mantra. Does that sound culty? It’s not. Trust us, it’s awesome. It’s an acronym for things like ownership, understanding, comradery, to name a few. They’re a “people first” kind of place that values communication and openness. Bonus: the leadership team doesn’t just talk the talk. Other perks include catered lunches, Summer Fridays, great benefits, and, arguably most important of all, an awesome team. 


8. AaDya Security

At AaDya Security, the team is everything. They know that every team member plays an important role in growing the company. That’s why they hire passionate, accountable, fun, honest, bold, diverse, creative, kind and reliable risk-takers. Phew, say that five times fast. But they’re the best kinds of co-workers to have. Plus the good work/life balance, mentorship programs and professional growth are good perks too. They also love ping pong.  


9. Benzinga 

Forget everything you once knew about investors and financial news. No cubicles. No closed office. No cogs in the machine. No egos. This financial media outlet is built on a team that is more like family, living the “work hard, play hard” motto. They offer competitive benefits as well as a collaborative environment where people are supported and risks are taken. Plus, they know that beer:30 is the perfect time to bond with your awesome coworkers. 


10. Quikly

Have snacks, will work. Quikly empowers marketers with technology and their team with endless slushies, coffee, pop and snacks during the workday. Team lunches and free breakfasts every now and then also help you get your fill of food and quality team bonding. Which is great because the team is made up of awesome humans. They’re friendly, fun, welcoming and love celebrating each other’s achievements. Supportive leadership plus free food? Where do we sign?


11. Vroom

As an online marketplace for buying and selling cars, Vroom is a pretty driven company trying to make buying cars an enjoyable experience—since we all know it usually isn’t. Their “pit crews” are “high octane,” and they check their egos at the door. They’re all about going places and know their crew is how they get there. They’re expanding their Detroit office and quickly growing. 


12. Red Ventures

“Take your work seriously, but never yourself.” That’s the motto at Red Ventures. They’re the team behind the Bankrate brand and love working in a collaborative, fast-paced environment—and they love being bold. It’s not about doing things the way you’ve always done them. They’re constantly reinventing themselves and their processes, so they need a team that can do the same. Having fun is important (enter foosball), and so is giving back and being heard. Free breakfast or lunch once a week with the team is pretty great too. 


13. Floyd 

Sitting back and relaxing is nice and all, but the people at Floyd prefer to leave that to their customers. This startup is revolutionizing the furniture industry, and the team comes to work every day with the goal of improving the way people buy and enjoy furniture. Thoughtfulness is key—in design and in practice. 401k matching, equity and flexible PTO and parental leave are great perks, but the chance to work with a driven, purposeful team makes the culture one you to be a part of. 


14. Nuspire

Cybersecurity company Nuspire knows that the tech world is always changing. They embrace that fully, which is why they build teams of people who are collaborative, innovative and unafraid of the unpredictable. Helping employees grow is a huge priority, and they offer good benefits and other perks like their monthly Good Times events. 

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15. Jewel

It’s as nice as it sounds. Jewel partners with premium and luxury brands so you can earn cash back on your purchases. Cha-ching. They’re a fast-growing startup looking to grow their team of talented, driven, down-to-earth folks. 


16. Sift

It’s like the social network for colleagues. Okay, it’s employee directory software, but better. People are at the heart of everything they do, and that starts with their team. They love curiosity and people with an entrepreneurial spirit. An inclusive environment is key and they offer top-notch benefits and the support to do great things. 


17. Waymark

When people talk about Waymark, it’s usually all about the team, the team, the team. Waymark makes templates for TV commercials to empower small businesses to advertise. But they also have made an incredible work environment. This talented team works together like a rare functional family. They are tight-knit, supportive, and constantly evolving. The cool office space and many perks are an extra bonus, but people stick around at Waymark for the good times. 


18. Airspace Link 

Roads need plans and so do the skies. That’s what Airspace Link is here for, empowering communities with safer drone airspace planning. Does that sound future-y? Welcome to the future, my friend. They’re also a leading startup in company culture and helping their employees with their own “lift-off.” In other words, they’re all about harnessing your potential.


19. Bloomscape

Bloomscape is blooming and booming, and so is their team. They love using creativity to solve problems and expect a get-it-done attitude. Fast paced, fast growing, green thumb preferred. All right in the heart of downtown Detroit. 


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