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Top Programs To Help Employees Professionally Grow in 2024

Top Programs To Help Employees Professionally Grow in 2024

Professional growth continues to rank as a top benefit people are looking for in their work. So if you're thinking about expanding your professional growth programs to attract talent and to retain the awesome employees you already have, we're highlighting some of our favorite professional development programs. 

By the way, if you need help attracting top talent this year, we'd love to help. 


Best Professional Growth Coaching

boon logo


Boon offers a personalized 1:1 coaching platform that is sitting at the intersection between mental well-being and professional growth. Whether it's coping with stress & anxiety or becoming a more effective Manager, Boon's coaches meet employees wherever they're at personally and professionally. Founded in Detroit, Boon's platform has helped many employees increase their productivity and resilience. Learn more about how Boon is redefining employee growth.


bravely logo


Bravely is a training and coaching platform that provides employees (no matter their level in the company) with on-demand, personalized development & support. In addition to coaching, Bravely also has a learning solution that helps employees learn for the long term. 


betterup logo


BetterUp is a platform that combines world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts to help improve personal and organizational resilience, adaptability, well-being, and productivity. After all, companies only perform as well as their individuals do. The platform's AI technology creates hyper-personalized experiences that motivate and inspire your people. 


torch logo


Torch is on a mission to to unlock the potential of people, teams, and organizations. By combining a community of expert coaches, scalable technology, and the latest behavioral science, Torch helps employers develop their people, create stronger leaders and managers, and drive business performance. Torch also has a solution to help manage mentorship programs.



Best Professional Growth Training and Learning

lifelabs learning logo

LifeLabs Learning

LifeLabs Learning trains managers, executives, and teams in skills that are essential in times of uncertainty (like behaviors of inclusion, leadership, adaptivity & resilience). Their team, which is like fractional L&D support, can help you diagnose your learning needs, launch a training program, and track its impact.


hone logo


Hone is on a mission to revolutionize workplace culture through skills development. It combines the world’s largest catalog of live, virtual classes with customizable, cohort-based programs designed to drive impact – all powered by technology that lets busy L&D teams scale training that learners love.



Best Professional Growth Tracking and Performance Management

15five logo


15Five is a performance management platform that helps HR teams and executives make great decisions for their teams. The platform provides data-driven insights and guided recommendations to accelerate employee engagement, performance, and retention. 15Five harnesses the power of generative AI, custom analytics and human-centered principles in a complete platform that includes performance reviews, actionable engagement surveys, customizable manager coaching, and ongoing feedback tools.


leapsome logo


All-in-one intelligent people enablement platform, Leapsome helps CEOs and HR teams drive employee development, productivity, and engagement. The platform combines tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews and 360s, Development Frameworks, Employee Learning & Onboarding, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback & Praise, Compensation & Promotions, and Meetings.


lattice logo


Lattice is another great people management platform that enables leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams. Their technology simplifies the HR tech stack with a single system that includes performance reviews, employee engagement, goal-tracking, compensation, and career development.



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