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Weekly Job Digest

Weekly Job Digest

There’s no doubt a shift is happening in the hiring landscape. Many companies, big and small, have gone from rapidly hiring to cutting teams and reorganizing their labor force. But that’s not the whole story. 

Despite the media’s focus on layoffs and hiring freezes, there are still many companies that are hiring. Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen companies continue to hire, raise money and grow.

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Labor Market & Startup Trends

We’ve partnered with our friends at PeerSignal to stay on top of everything happening in the tech hiring market right now. Using PeerSignal’s B2B Hiring Tracker and other data at our fingertips, we’re trying to paint a more complete picture of the tech industry right now. 

During this time when many companies are playing “defense” there are still many playing “offense.” The data from PeerSignal shows consistent growth among companies that use a product-led growth strategy. 

Notion has been particularly on the offense recently with letting employees sell stock, making acquisitions, and launching a global ad campaign.

"Clearly there's been a shift from 'growth at all costs' to efficient growth that plays to PLG companies, but I suspect this will force innovation within sales-led models as well," said Adam. "I've always believed that PLG principles can be applied broadly, even if your GTM model isn't pure product-led."

You can check more details and stats in this month’s tech market report. Keep reading for hiring companies and job opportunities!



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Companies Still Hiring

  • Splash Financial - leading digital lending platform that helps borrowers easily shop and compare financial products

  • Rippling - the forest way for businesses to manage all of their HR & IT in one unified workforce platform

  • - a versatile marketing automation tool for sending relevant messages based on behavior across web and mobile products

  • Sealed - your full-service partner to stop home energy waste and electrify your home

  • Datagrail - the Privacy Control Center for modern brands to build trust and comply with current and future regulations

  • StockX - Shaping the next generation of e-commerce for the next-gen consumer

  • Robotire - building and deploying robotic systems and tools that service vehicles safer and faster than ever before

  • Trustpage - lets your entire team collaborate and communicate trust with customers, because building a strong security program is hard but demonstrating it and communicating it shouldn’t be. 

  • Nickels - white-label digital products that enable banks and credit unions to be their customers’ trusted financial guide. 

  • Fama Technologies - helps you surface a range of harmful online behaviors at the point of hire to protect your business, reduce workplace toxicity, and reinvent your organization around a human focus



Job Opportunities


Job Title
StockX Senior Software Engineer - Marketplace Team Remote
StockX Executive Creative Director Remote
StockX Senior Manager - Business Intelligence Remote
WorkIt Health Help Desk Support Agent Remote
WorkIt Health Senior Vice President of Growth Ann Arbor
WorkIt Health Senior Full Stack Engineer Remote
Nickels Lead Product Designer Remote
Nickels Full Stack Engineer Remote
Root Senior iOS Engineer Remote
Root Actuarial Analyst Remote
Guideline Operations Associate Remote
Guideline Offboarding Specialist Remote
KLA Data Engineer Ann Arbor
KLA Technology Program Manager (Adv. Light Sources) Ann Arbor
RocketReach Senior Salesforce Administrator Remote
RocketReach Customer Success Operations Manager Remote
Livegistics Product Owner Remote
Livegistics Senior DevOps for Google Cloud Platform Remote
Software Development Manager, Web Application Remote


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Job Hunting Resources

Looking to brush up on some of your basic job hunting skills? Let’s get you ready to rock and ace those interviews.


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