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14 Companies That Love Collaboration — And Are Good At It

14 Companies That Love Collaboration — And Are Good At It

Whether you work in an office or on a team distributed across the globe, the best teams work together to innovate and create the best products and services. In fact, companies with a collaborative culture are 30% more innovative and at least 36% more productive, according to numbers released by Frost & Sullivan.

Not only that, but collaboration is good for employees. Employees tend to be happier when their company supports collaboration, and it can help reduce employee turnover by 50%.

Remote work can pose a challenge in today’s ever changing work environment, but many teams have cracked the code and continue to effectively collaborate. No matter what role you’re in, you’ll most likely have to collaborate with your team at some point. 

Check out 14 companies that value collaboration and have figured out how to do it well.


Collaborative Startups and Tech Companies

LeanTaaS_Collaboration_Shared 03.12.24 Large


LeanTaaS is a leading provider of AI-powered and SaaS-based healthcare technology. The importance of team collaboration begins with the Leadership team at LeanTaaS. They lead by example through demonstrating collaborative behaviors in their work style and decision-making processes. A culture of transparency ensures employees understand the company’s mission, vision, and values, and how their individual contributions drive overall success. Employees also have the opportunity to engage in cross-departmental projects, which fosters new perspectives and ideas. Teams are equipped with technology to support collaboration, including project management software and document sharing systems, as well as utilizing platforms like Slack and Miro for clear and efficient communication. Their Slack also includes a “Praise” channel, where employees express their appreciation for team members who go above and beyond.



RIVET, a Detroit-based SaaS company supporting the construction industry, has a collaborative culture that’s accelerated by its hybrid model – they work in the office 3 days a week, which allows the table to be able to quickly debrief, make decisions, and then make things happen. Devin on the Customer Success team says that Rivet has a culture where "everyone kinda has a hand in everything.” Cross-team collaboration happens in structured ways as well as “unofficial” ways: Integrations engineers helping backend engineers on database refinements, product managers and solutions architects covering integrations, VPs covering some of the pre-close scoping calls, and Implementations building operational dashboards for the Account Management team (just to name a few). “I think the impact this has is that the RIVET ship stays afloat and moving in one direction, even if that means the First Mate is pulling one of the oars,” says Devin.

collaborative companies - accumtech


AccumTech, an Ann Arbor company building custom data software, believes that collaboration helps amplify strengths, overcome challenges, and achieve remarkable results together. The team supports collaboration through a variety of ways: Paired Programming, team stand-ups and 1-on-1s, knowledge sharing presentations (where team members showcase their expertise, share best practices, and dive deep into industry trends and emerging technologies), townhall updates, and open seating. All of this helps promote transparency, continued learning and growth, brainstorming, and both defined and spontaneous collaboration, which all contribute to innovation. 


best places to work - 2

At, a remote-first data platform, collaboration is the cornerstone of their culture and operations. It enables the team to harness diverse perspectives, foster innovation, and accelerate problem-solving. They prioritize transparent communication, ensuring that every team member, regardless of their role or location, has access to the information they need to contribute effectively. Cross-functional projects and company-wide initiatives break down silos, promoting a holistic understanding of our goals and strategies and ultimately make an innovative place to work. 


collaborative companies - signal advisors

Signal Advisors

Signal Advisors is a software startup that helps financial advisors grow their businesses, with the ultimate goal of supporting Americans on their journey to retirement. This remote-friendly team still values getting together, and Detroit-based employees come into the downtown Detroit office every Wednesday to work together, collaborate, and build relationships. Leadership works hard to create an inclusive and innovative environment where everyone can take ownership and work together to make a real impact.


best culture - greenlancer


Founded in 2013, GreenLancer is changing the solar, telecommunications, and EV charging industries for the better. The company has a collaborative culture that focuses on innovation and growth. Team members work with experts in the industry and benefit from a culture of mentorship at GreenLancer


collaborative companies - fusion


Fusion is a global education group focused on helping students thrive with one-on-one education. Its corporate office, headquartered in Grand Rapids, collaborates on joint projects, bringing multiple teams together to make an impact. From quarterly and annual planning teamwork to each school or department’s weekly huddles sharing initiative updates and issue discussions, collaboration lives and breathes at Fusion. On campus, the faculty and leadership teams work cross-departmentally to address students’ needs. At the corporate level, teams collaborate on joint projects. They use numerous platforms to make virtual collaboration and communication easy and connect people across time zones. Collaboration is also at the center of their professional development programs. In addition to positional mentors for new hires and promotions in their new talent management programming, Fusion employees enjoy collaborative opportunities to seek or provide coaching and career development within our coaching and job training programs.Across the entire organization, Fusion has a unified vision and mission and everyone on the team is passionate about helping kids succeed.




Petram Analytics is a cutting-edge solution for data-driven marketing analytics, specializing in customer segmentation, predictive analysis, and AI-based modeling. Petram is a hybrid company based in Detroit with a lot of flexibility and team support. Not only does the Petram team collaborate with each other, but they also get to collaborate directly with top ecommerce brands and learn from some of the best leaders in marketing to solve interesting problems. 


collaborative companies -
Image source: LinkedIn is a global tech company based in Norway, Detroit, and Berlin, creating the world’s first autonomous wheel that can transform anything into a mobile robot. They value teamwork to help solve problems and always push the boundaries of innovation. The team works hands on and owns their initiatives while also working together and learning from each other. 


best places to work - whisker


Headquartered in Michigan, Whisker is a tech company dedicated to pet innovation. You may know them for their Litter-Robot and other autonomous pet products. They live their values of inclusivity, understanding and empowerment (among others) to collaborate and continue to solve problems and innovate.


best places to work - autobooks


Detroit-based Autobooks is a provider of small business banking solutions that make it simple to get paid online, manage cash flow, and automate accounting. The company has a collaborative culture that invites feedback and brings everyone into the process. The belief is simple: “deeper discussions often lead to better business decisions.” This value invites the Autobooks team to collaborate as equals, challenge respectfully, and never fear retaliation, as long as it’s done with a desire of wanting to improve the outcome. 


best places to work - muck rack

Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a “Public Relations Management” software, trusted by organizations around the world as their system of record for managing media relationships and measuring earned media. While the Muck Rack team works fully distributed and has unique benefits like “no meeting Fridays,” they still value teamwork. Their culture has attracted people who are excited to help others succeed, whether that’s customers or team members. “Sometimes in a remote environment you can feel a but on your own, but at Muck Rack people at all levels and from all backgrounds are always available and willing to help,” says Jack Siman, Senior Software Engineer at Muck Rack. 


best places to work - onbe


Onbe, one of the best places to work in Chicago, is a fintech company that manages and modernizes consumer and workforce disbursements for corporate clients. At Onbe, collaboration is a core value and lived out every day. They believe teamwork is essential to achieving strong outcomes. It’s all about helping their teammates because everyone is driven by their shared success. 


best places to work - sertifi


Sertifi provides a complete agreements platform used by tens of thousands of hospitality and travel businesses in more than 135 countries. Sertifi has built a company culture that embraces trying new things, problem solving, and enjoying time outside of work. “Build Together” is a core value, encouraging teamwork, understanding each other’s needs, embracing different perspectives, and fostering trust. Everyone at Sertifi builds relationships that embrace feedback and they work together to make the company and the product better.



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