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Weekly Job Digest

Weekly Job Digest

There’s no doubt a shift is happening in the hiring landscape. Many companies, big and small, have gone from rapidly hiring to cutting teams and reorganizing their labor force. But that’s not the whole story. 

Despite the media’s focus on layoffs and hiring freezes, there are still many companies that are hiring. Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen companies continue to hire, raise money and grow.

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Labor Market & Startup Trends

To stay on top of everything happening in the tech hiring market right now, we’ve partnered with our friends at PeerSignal. Using their B2B Hiring Tracker and other data at our fingertips, we’re trying to paint a more complete picture of the tech industry right now. 

According to Crunchbase, global venture funding reached its lowest monthly funding point in the last two years. With $25.2 billion raised in August, it's down 52% yearly and about 10% month over month as fewer startups are raising funding at every stage. Less money of course means hiring slowdowns, layoffs, and companies closing their doors. 

But while the overall venture funding may be slowing down, one industry saw quite a bit of growth in August: energy-related startups. Energy startups dominated the largest funding rounds in August, according to Crunchbase. Four out of the top ten funding rounds were for energy-related startups, and three of them were in the top 5.

With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law in August, climate tech startups everywhere are seeing a huge boost. That's because the act includes a $370 billion investment in clean energy initiatives. Purpose Jobs member GreenLancer is seeing rapid growth because of this — they’re hiring, opening a new office in downtown Detroit, and building up their team to develop EV charging infrastructure.

You can check more details and stats in this month’s tech market report. Keep reading for hiring companies and job opportunities!

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Companies Still Hiring

  • CUSITech - everything you need to expand and upgrade your technology on time and on budget 

  • High Alpha - conceives, launches, and scales next-generation enterprise cloud companies by providing a blend of services

  • Parkade - helping offices and multi-family buildings modernize how people park at their properties

  • Circadian Risk - provides a suite of tools aimed at assessing and improving physical security/risk for enterprise companies 

  • PatientIQ - practice data-driven medicine and improve patient outcomes with a modern healthcare platform

  • Provide - saves healthcare providers time and resources so they can focus on buying and expanding the practice of their dreams. 

  • Rivet Work - combines labor forecasting, scheduling, dispatch, field management, and actuals with equipment tracking for commercial and industrial contractors. 

  • RocketReach - connects professionals to new opportunities, powered by the largest and most accurate contact database on this planet.

  • StockX - shaping the next generation of e-commerce for the next-get consumer

Job Opportunities


Job Title
Gearsupply Inside Sales Development Cincinnati
Gearsupply Inside Sales Manager Cincinnati
Hush Product Manager, Remediation Detroit, Remote
StockX Senior Software Engineer - Marketplace Team Remote
StockX Senior Data Engineer Remote
StockX Customer Service Representative Remote
StockX Director, Global Compensation Remote
WorkIt Health Lead Software Engineer Remote
WorkIt Health Senior Full Stack Engineer Remote
WorkIt Health Software Engineer - Revenue Cycle Management Remote
WorkIt Health Senior Vice President of Growth Remote
Root Senior iOS Engineer Remote
Guideline Staff Performance and Reliability Engineer Remote
Guideline Senior Full Stack Software Engineer Remote


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Job Hunting Resources

The job hunt isn't just about applying to jobs — it deserves some prep work. Get your resume ready, your LinkedIn profile updated, and check out some of our strongest job-seeking tips below. Let’s get you ready to rock and ace those interviews.


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