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State launches 'You Can In Michigan' campaign to boost growth and tech talent

State launches 'You Can In Michigan' campaign to boost growth and tech talent

Yesterday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) launched a $20 million national talent attraction marketing campaign, "You Can In Michigan." The goal is to boost Michigan's population growth, fill open jobs, and drive the state's economic future forward.

"You Can In Michigan" makes the pitch that American workers can take advantage of the state's rising number of high-tech jobs, high quality of life, low cost of living, and welcoming communities. 


“Michigan is a welcoming, inclusive state with strong career opportunities for workers and resources for cutting-edge, high-tech industries that will define the future,” Gov. Whitmer said during a virtual news conference yesterday morning.

During the Great Recession of 2008, the common narrative in Michigan was that there were no jobs to be found in the state. College grads would get their engineering degree and then move to California or New York in search of jobs. 

Now, in 2023, Michiganders do not have to leave their home state to find fulfilling work.

Over the last decade, Michigan has grown as a rising tech hub, with significant investments in the mobility sector. In 2022, Detroit was named the #1 emerging tech ecosystem in the world by Startup Genome, and is also home to national accelerator programs such as Techstars and Plug and Play. The greater Detroit-Ann Arbor region has seen five unicorns, which have sparked continued startup and tech development and funding. Founder communities like Michigan Founders Fund have been working to support the growth of founder success in the state, and major developments like Newlab's mobility hub for innovation at Michigan Central has positioned the region as the premiere place to be for mobility development. Detroit's startup momentum is massive, and it continues to spread throughout the state.

In addition to the incredible startup and tech work opportunities in Michigan, a low cost of living and a wide variety of recreation make Michigan an appealing place to live — for returning Michiganders and for those new to the state. 


“We want people to know they can have it all in Michigan: a rewarding career, a fulfilling life, economic opportunity, fundamental freedoms — all with proximity to 3,000 miles of freshwater coastline,” said Michelle Grinnell, MEDC senior vice president of marketing & communications. “Our people are our strongest asset, so we are proud to highlight their real stories in our great state and look forward to inspiring thousands more to make Michigan their home.”

From the creators of the iconic "Pure Michigan" campaign, "You Can In Michigan" is an unprecedented marketing effort that highlights the state's high-growth careers and life in Michigan. It includes new television commercials, radio spots, print placements, social channels, and more, as well a new website, The site features a cost of living calculator, information about Michigan's industries (it's not all automobiles) and stories from the community. 

In addition to marketing, the campaign also doubles down on talent attraction in policy and programs, including the creation of the Growing Michigan Together Council and first-ever state chief growth officer role — never before seen anywhere in the U.S. at this scale. 

"To welcome the next generation of Michiganders, we must be loud and proud of this dynamic state and all it has to offer. Compiling statewide resources in a central location reduces barriers for future residents and serves as an essential step to help grow the state’s population," said Hilary Doe, Michigan Chief Growth Officer and boomerang.

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