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Big News: Expands to Columbus, OH

Big News: Expands to Columbus, OH

Three years ago we started to help people find jobs they love in the Midwest. 

We started in Detroit because Detroit is our home, and it’s one of the best cities for startup jobs. What’s even better? It’s surrounded by other amazing cities in the Midwest that are at the top of the startup game. 

For years now the Midwest has been growing as a tech startup hub, and the data shows that’s not changing. LinkedIn recently published a Workforce Report on the best cities in the U.S. for launching your career. No surprise to us that the Midwest takes the top 9 spots, with cities like Detroit and Columbus, right up there. 

That’s why I’m so pumped to announce that we’re officially launching in Columbus, Ohio. 

Why Columbus?

Columbus is consistently ranked one of the best cities for startups, for launching your career, for starting a business, and for tech jobs. It’s home to huge corporations like Nationwide Insurance and leading healthcare systems and hospitals, many of which are often early users of a startup’s product. Columbus is also home to The Ohio State University, where people are constantly learning and innovating to solve the world’s problems—startup heaven. 

The city of Columbus is affordable, inclusive, has some great amenities, and there are many things to do in Columbus, making it a great city for working and for living. We’re so excited to be launching in a vibrant Midwest city like Columbus because here’s the net-net: the Midwest is worth investing in. VCs like Drive Capital and Rev1 in Columbus know that, and startups like Root Insurance, Beam Dental, and Olive AI are thriving. 

Especially now, we want to help connect top tier talent with these forward-thinking, game-changing startups, and help people find jobs they love, whether that’s in Detroit, Ann Arbor, or Columbus. 


If you’re an employer interested in finding top notch talent for your Columbus startup, please reach out to us. We want to help.


Get connected with top Columbus startups by signing up on our platform. It’s free, easy, and will help you discover jobs in Columbus at the best startups in the Midwest—and in the country. 


Pro-tip: If you're already on the platform, make sure your location preferences are updated to show that you're open to opportunities in Columbus!


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