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The Best Stories of 2023

The Best Stories of 2023

In 2023, we shared over 185 original stories with our community. Here are the community's picks for this year's top stories. Revisit your favorites, and catch up on any you missed!

👉 Top Thought Leadership Stories
👉 Top Company Stories


Top Thought Leadership Stories

what if capitalism isn't the problem

"What if more money could mean more good?" Heather McDougall, an investor, speaker and impact entrepreneur, shares her pitch for purpose-driven capitalism. Check out how businesses can reframe the ethical dilemma of destructive capitalism. 


why you need a founder origin story

Laura O'Connor shared a deep dive on the importance of a well crafted origin story — and how to use it to connect with investors, buyers and more. 


Your work-life balance initiatives aren’t working. Heres why.

CEO of Culturebie, Jasmit Kaur, breaks down why some traditional work-life balance initiatives don't really work. Jasmit shares her expertise in people analytics to explore different ways to make work-life balance actually work for employees. 


create sustainable change in workplace mental health

Meg Hovious, the Founder of Here, is on a mission to change minds about mental health. She shared with us 5 ways to make mental health better in the workplace: commitment from the top, better training, and flexibility are just a few she dives into.


adding adventure to workplace culture

"We all want to go on an adventure instead of going to work. Am I right?" Mallory Brown, an impact storyteller and keynote speaker, shares ways to add some adventure into the workplace to boost motivation, productivity, and creativity. 


nourish your company's soul

"A company is more than its balance sheet, its products, or its profit margins. A company, at its core, possesses a soul — an intangible, vibrant force that drives its purpose, shapes its culture, and propels it toward meaningful change in the world." Brett A. Hurt, co-founder and CEO of, talks about his journey into purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and how CEOs can lead with purpose and nourish their company's soul



Top Purpose-Driven Company Stories

new KLA office

KLA opened this six-story, 230,000-square foot building for its second headquarters back in November 2021. The building is home to KLA’s AI and Modeling Center of Excellence where machine learning applications help advance semiconductor manufacturing. We toured the office and, well, we were blown away. 


RIVET Work Keeps Construction Industry Alive

The construction industry is having a labor crisis. RIVET Work is on a mission to help. The RIVET Labor Ops Platform connects historically siloed data and processes for operations, safety, and project management teams, creating efficiencies and improving operations for everyone. Learn more about the company and how they're growing in Detroit.


Meet LeanTaaS

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed brokenness in many of our systems, and especially within healthcare: high costs, huge inefficiencies, and unequal access to care. LeanTaaS is addressing this fundamental mismatch between fixed healthcare resources and the growing, fluctuation need for them. Through its AI-powered iQueue software solution suite, LeanTaaS is working toward “Better Healthcare Through Math.” 


Nokia Deepfield finds remote success in Ann Arbor

While some tech companies are full speed ahead on bringing employees back into their office spaces, the Nokia Deepfield team is still placing its bet on remote work. One way they make it successful? In-person Dev Days in Ann Arbor. 


Thriving at AccumTech

"On the Domino’s Farms campus in Ann Arbor, the AccumTech office always has something going on. Whether it’s a team break to the Domino’s Farms petting zoo, a walk through the trails, time on the putting green, a movie night or a Danny DeVito cutout that moves around the office, it’s never a dull moment at AccumTech. ..."

Ex-Disney Creatives Take Startup Approach to Marketing

It's all about the story for A2 Creative Labs, founded by ex-Disney creatives. Check out how Greg Shewchuk and Mike Ambs use Story as Strategy to create next level marketing.


Dolr's Community Approach to Debt

"Why should we have a communal attitude toward student loan payments? The answer is really simple: your education benefits all of society — so does paying off your student loans..." Learn more about Dolr's community-based approach to helping people pay off their student loans.


Syncurrent boosts Tribal Nation entrepreneurship

“'We believe entrepreneurs can come from anywhere, from any background,' said Dhruv. 'We wanted to understand the ways Tribal communities already speak with their members, where trust is built, and then work with the Nation to transform that trust into building a community-wide belief that entrepreneurship is a possibility for any and all members.' Learn more about Syncurrent and how they're helping boost entrepreneurship in Tribal Nations.”


Innovation and Diversity at Livaq

LIVAQ, based out of the Newlab mobility hub in Corktown, is reinventing the ATV market with a sleek electric vehicle for eco-friendly off-road experiences, connecting riders to the outdoors. Check out how.

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