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Top Columbus Startups Hiring Now

Top Columbus Startups Hiring Now

Columbus is a hotbed for fast-growing startups and tech companies. We featured a few of them on our list of the top startups in the Midwest, but there are lots of companies in Columbus that are growing, hiring, and still getting funded. Back in March, Olive raised $51 million, and Finite State just announced they raised $12.5 million. 

Columbus is a great city, and many other startups there, along with Finite State and Olive, are still hiring—and that includes some remote positions, too. Check it out. 

11 Columbus Startups Hiring Right Now

1. Olive

Olive automates healthcare’s most robotic processes, so your employees don’t have to. Let them focus on what matters most instead.

Locations: Columbus, OH; La Crosse, WI; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; New Orleans, LA
Size: 201–500 employees
Market: AI, healthcare
Open positions: 

  • Software Automation Engineers
  • Manager of Software Automation Engineering
  • Project Managers
  • Solutions Architect

2. Finite State

Finite State gives defenders a tactical advantage by providing deep visibility and proactive protection of every device on their network.

Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 1–50 employees
Market: Cybersecurity
Open positions:

  • Firmware Engineers
  • Kubernetes Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Senior Machine Learning Data Engineer
  • Senior Technical Project Manager
  • Product Designer

3. Root Insurance

Care insurance rates based on how you drive. 

Locations: Columbus, OH; Chicago, IL
Size: 501–1,000 employees
Market: Insurance
Open positions: 

  • Growth Manager, Paid Search
  • Growth Marketing Analyst
  • Head of Demand Generation
  • Senior Growth Marketing Analyst
  • Principal Data Scientist, Pricing
  • DevSecOps Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Mobile Telematics Engineer
  • Mobile Telematics Engineer, Enterprise (Chicago)
  • Senior Engineering Manager (Chicago)
  • Payroll Analyst
  • Senior Product Designer, Business Development

4. Beam Dental 

Dental benefits that reward you for brushing your teeth.

Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 51–200 employees
Market: Dental, Insurance
Open positions: 

  • Client Success Manager
  • Senior Mobile Software Engineer
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer

5. Aware

Information governance & risk management for remote work.

Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 11-50
Market: SaaS, AI
Open positions: 

  • Site Reliability Engineer - Cloud Platform
  • Software Engineer - Product
  • Data Engineer
  • BDR
  • Internships: Software Engineer, Business Development, Content Marketing, and Demand Generation


Maximize revenue, increase sales and acquire your total addressable market instantly using artificial intelligence. 

Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 11-–50 employees
Market: AI, Sales
Open positions: 

  • Data Engineer
  • Account Executive
  • Customer Success Support Specialist
  • Content/Copywriter
  • Sales Development Representative

7. Ryze Rewards

Earn seamless rewards that help you beat student loans faster so you can build wealth sooner.

Location: Columbus, OH; remote
Size: 2-10 employees
Market: Fintech/Adtech
Open positions: 

  • Lead Full Stack Developer
  • Full Stack Developer

8. Studium

We provide students streamlined access to all of the opportunities and resources that make a college campus great, ensuring students are always exposed to what’s relevant and allowing them to make the most of their college experience. 

Location: Columbus, OH; remote
Size: 11–50 employees
Market: social education
Open positions: 

  • Lead Engineer

9. Tribevest

Building and maintaining a marketplace that unifies, supports and celebrates tribes, their members, and each milestone along their journey.

Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 2–10 employees
Market: Fintech
Open positions: 

  • Full Stack Application Developer
  • UX/UI Design Lead

10. Nzyme Incorporations

We deliver all your IT, business or workforce related solutions to streamline your businesses effectively while significantly reducing costs. 

Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 51–200 employees
Market: IT Consulting
Open positions: 

  • Software Engineer
  • Java Developer
  • AWS Engineer

11. Mobikit

Mobikit bridges the gaps in connected vehicle infrastructure, allowing you to focus on product and consumers, not data wrangling.

Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 2–10 employees
Market: Software, Mobility
Open positions: 

  • Frontend Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Lead Product Engineer
  • Internships: Applied Data Analyst, Business Development


Did we miss a great Columbus startup that’s currently hiring? Reach out to Lauren if your company wants to be featured on the blog or if you want to share your ideas. 

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