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LinkedIn Learning Classes to Enhance Your Company Culture

LinkedIn Learning Classes to Enhance Your Company Culture

The state of a company’s culture is one of the top 10 reasons an individual leaves an organization. No longer are the days when a paycheck and medical benefits (although a great work-life balance sure does help!) are enough to keep an employee on the roster. And what is at the heart of it all? The people. So if you’re looking to evaluate your current workplace culture, make a huge pivot, or continue to nurture a great one — make sure you keep your people in mind. 

Luckily, you don’t have to figure this out on your own. Many resources are available to enhance your company culture — one the best being LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn has created a beautiful library of classes to improve your soft skills in order to cultivate a great environment beyond amazing benefits that people won’t want to leave. Below are a few of our favorites.

By the way, there are a few options for taking advantage of all LinkedIn Learning has to offer:

  1. Sign up for a 30-day free trial

  2. Pay for a regular membership

  3. Utilize LinkedIn Learning for internal Learning and Development for your team!


10 LinkedIn Learning Classes to Enhance Your Workplace Culture

Leadership Mindsets

Mindset has a huge performance impact—but leaders rarely stop to see how they can intentionally change their mindsets to get better results. Discover the transformative power your mindset can have on your leadership style and find out how you can identify, grow, and put new mindsets into work.

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Communicating with Empathy

When you seek to understand the perspective of another person, you are practicing empathy. When empathetic communication is encouraged at work, individuals feel more comfortable speaking openly, they feel like they matter, and they feel safe. That's why empathy at work is crucial to company-wide success.

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Emotional Intelligence Basics

Emotions play a consistent and important role in every step of your career journey. How you perceive, interpret, use, and manage your emotions, and how you connect with your feelings, define your emotional intelligence.

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Developing Your Creativity as a Leader

Creativity is the top skill that companies seek in their employees, but as leaders, how many of us optimize our own creative skill-building? In this course, instructor Denise Jacobs identifies how to shift into a creativity mindset, ignite and up-level your own creative thinking, and cultivate creative confidence in your teams.

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How to Support Your Employees’ Well-Being

Managers face sometimes-daunting tasks. When your employees are struggling with burnout, stress, work-life imbalance, and other life challenges that may impact their performance and productivity, how can you support them? In this course, UK-based instructor Amy Brann provides specific tools based on brain science to help you be a source of strength and support for your employees.

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Psychological Safety: Clear Blocks to Innovation, Collaboration, and Risk-Taking

Psychological safety is a key factor in healthy teams. A leader’s job—whether at the top of an organization or somewhere in the middle—is to create a safe space for people to speak up, make mistakes, and bring their full selves to work. This course can help you recognize and promote psychological safety—clearing the big blocks to innovation, connection, and collaboration in your organization.

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Fostering Belonging as a Leader

Employee expertise and imagination are your company’s most powerful assets. And research has shown that a sense of psychological safety is the biggest predictor of revenue growth. So, how do you nurture a safe work environment that allows your workforce to unleash its true potential? In this course, learn how to go beyond diversity and inclusion to help your employees feel like they belong proactively.

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Addressing Unconscious Bias as a Leader

Dismantling unhealthy workplaces requires action. Although it's increasingly common for companies to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, many are unaware of bias in the cultures they've unwittingly created. Others might know there's a problem, but don't know how to properly address it. Need examples of companies doing this well? Check out these companies that are making an effort to put diversity and inclusion at the forefront of their business. 

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Creating a Connection Culture

Thought leader Michael Lee Stallard and his colleagues have found that, when it comes to culture, the best ones are those that connect people to the organization, their peers, and their work in key ways that enhance performance. In this course, Michael explains the superpower of connection and identifies how it benefits individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Managing for Better Ideas

Collaborative creative thinking in organizations is more important than ever, but the usual brainstorming approach is typically ineffective. In a course ideal for current and aspiring managers, creativity and innovation expert Dave Birss shares a practical approach to managing groups toward inspired, creative thinking.

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