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Top Midwest Companies Hiring Marketing Roles Right Now

Top Midwest Companies Hiring Marketing Roles Right Now

If you work in marketing, you know it can be a funny field. Us marketers wear a lot of hats, and it can be hard to find a position that fits your skills and experience. 

The good news? There’s a lot of great Midwest startups and tech companies hiring marketers. Whether you’re looking for Detroit startups, Ann Arbor tech companies, tech jobs in Columbus, or a remote marketing job, these companies are some of the best startups in the Midwest. And yes, they’re hiring. 

They’re hiring for digital and remote marketing jobs, marketing manager and director roles, and more. And with competitive tech salaries in the Midwest, you can rest assured that these are some of the highest paying marketing jobs out there. 

Check out these great companies and their open positions. 

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16 Midwest tech companies hiring mid to senior-level marketing roles

1. Vroom, Detroit

Vroom is an e-commerce platform for used cars. They IPO’d back in June and had a great debut. One of the best Detroit startups, they’re looking for people to join their team, hiring for engineering jobs and marketing roles in Detroit

Hiring: Director of Partner Relationships


2. Beam, Columbus

If you’re looking for a digital marketing job at an innovative company, Beam Dental could be the place for you. Beam is headquartered in Columbus, and like many Columbus startups, they’re disrupting the insurance industry. This time, with dental insurance based on how you brush your teeth. Brush well, low rates. 

Hiring: Marketing Automation Specialist

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3. Blumira, Ann Arbor/remote

Part of the powerhouse cybersecurity scene in Southeastern Michigan, Blumira is headquartered in Ann Arbor. They also just closed a funding round, bringing in $2.6 million. They’re one of the best startups in Ann Arbor, growing the Midwest tech scene. 

Hiring: Content Marketing Manager


4. Autobooks, Detroit

Located in the Madison Building downtown Detroit, Autobooks has one of the best offices in the city. (Even though they are working remotely, they will be back in the office some time in the future.) They’re making small business banking easier, and they’re growing their team. Looking for a digital marketing job in Detroit? Hit up Autobooks, one of the best startups in Detroit

Hiring: Digital Marketing Manager

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5. BoxCast, Cleveland

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, BoxCast is part of a growing community of tech startups and looking for passionate, driven individuals who can get the job done. Their business is booming right now, as live streamed events become the norm. They have solutions for sports events, churches, enterprises, concerts and more. They’ve also been consistently named one of the best places to work in Cleveland.

Hiring: Product Marketer


6. Olive, Columbus/remote

Olive is a super fast-growing company building amazing healthcare automation technology. Back in March, they raised $51 million. Their HQ is in Columbus, but their team works anywhere “On The Grid,” which can be anywhere you get good work done. 

Hiring: Sr. Marketing Automation Specialist (Pardot)


7. Censys, Ann Arbor

Located in Ann Arbor, Censys is a fast-growing cybersecurity company that just raised $15.5 million back in August. Their comprehensive software helps detect threats and keep your data secure. 

Hiring: Product Marketing Manager


8. Springbuk, Indy/WFH flexible

Springbuk is a healthcare platform that goes beyond analytics. They use advanced machine learning and AI to create curated insights, automated recommendations, and predictive forecasting powered by clinical expertise. They are growing their team, hiring in Indianapolis, but they are also flexible with work-from-home and remote jobs. 

Hiring: Director of Digital & Content Marketing


9. Root, Columbus/remote

Car insurance rates based on how well you actually drive? Yes, please. That’s what they do at Root Inc., a powerhouse Columbus startup and one of the best startups in the Midwest. They’re hiring for many marketing jobs, both in Columbus and remotely.

Hiring: Growth Marketers, Product Marketing Managers, VP of Growth, Senior Growth Marketing Analyst


10. Floyd, Detroit

Started in 2013 out of a reaction to disposable furniture, Floyd creates thoughtful, high quality furniture that’s built to last. They’re among the top startups in Detroit, and they’re hiring for open marketing jobs in Detroit. 

Hiring: Brand Marketing Manager, Creative Production Coordinator

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11. Lessonly, Indy/remote

Based in Indianapolis, Lessonly is a software company that’s creating a world-class platform to help companies with training and education. That way, teams are empowered to do better work. They’re one of the top startups in the Midwest, and consistently named among the best startups in Indianapolis. 

Hiring: Product Marketing Manager


12. Jewel, Detroit

One of the best startups in Detroit, Jewel is disrupting e-commerce by partnering with brands to increase their audience and provide cash-back to shoppers. They’re hiring in Detroit for their growing team. 

Hiring: Social Media and Content Manager


13. Seamless.AI, Columbus/remote

Seamless.AI helps you find the people you want: leads. They use the power of artificial intelligence to help create relationships and opportunities.  They’re one of the best startups in Columbus, where their HQ is based, but the Seamless.AI team is totally remote and hiring remote marketing positions. 

Hiring: Social Media Strategist


14. Splash Financial, Cleveland

Splash Financial is a fintech startup helping people save money on their student loans. They just secured a Series A funding round of $12.3 million back in May, making their total funding grow to $16.6 million. They’re looking to grow their team, hiring engineering, operations, and marketing jobs. 

Hiring: Director of B2B Marketing


15. Updox, Columbus

Now more than ever, Updox's virtual healthcare communication services are so important. Telehealth video chat, HIPAA-compliant texting, all that good stuff. One of the best startups in Columbus, they’re headquartered just outside of the city in Dublin, Ohio. 

Hiring: Marketing Programs Manager


16. Bloomscape, Detroit

Bloomscape makes buying plants online—and caring for them once they show up at your door—super easy. They’re looking for people to join their team in Detroit, hiring in many different fields, including marketing jobs.

Hiring: VP of Growth Marketing


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