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19 Purpose-Driven Companies To Know

19 Purpose-Driven Companies To Know

People are increasingly looking for purpose-driven work, according to 2023 research from Gartner. Despite a turbulent tech job market, purpose and value remain top of mind for candidates. 

If you’re like the many job seekers who are looking for companies that value their purpose and their people, check out this list of top purpose-driven companies.


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Top Purpose-Driven Companies To Watch

purpose-driven company - leantaas


LeanTaaS is an AI innovator whose purpose is unlocking healthcare capacity and saving the valuable time of providers, staff, and patients alike. Team members at LeanTaaS know that what they do each day supports balanced work schedules for providers and staff, automates hundreds of hours of healthcare admin tasks like notetaking, and helps patients always have timely access to the hospital, surgical, or infusion care they need. With their impact on 1,000+ nationwide hospitals and centers in mind, LeanTaaS employees are also dedicated to driving change in their own communities, whether donating retired company laptops to local after-school programs, working at food bank suppliers with their teams, or organizing fundraising initiatives for the charitable organizations they love. At LeanTaaS, remote and hybrid employees collaborate to drive change in both healthcare and where their communities need it most.


purpose-driven company - KLA


KLA is a top purpose-driven company helping advance humanity through technology. As a global tech company, KLA serves semiconductor manufacturers by using cutting edge technology to detect flaws in chip manufacturing. They are headquartered in Silicon Valley and have a second headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a top purpose-driven company, KLA believes that technology has a meaningful and positive impact on the world, and the KLA team has a direct contribution to it. Additionally, KLA is committed to advancing humanity by investing in its communities to create a more equitable, inclusive and accessible world. The KLA Foundation strategically partners with organizations that know their communities best to create upstream solutions for sustainable change, and the company empowers its employees to get involved in causes that are close to their hearts.


purpose-driven company - accumtech


Located in Ann Arbor, AccumTech is an inclusive startup building custom technology in the healthcare data space. They are on a mission to make it easier to exchange the healthcare data that’s happening, and making sure that the data is correct. To do this, they build custom software that helps simplify the data exchange process for healthcare service providers. Working with insurance carriers, pharmacy benefits carriers and third-party administrators, AccumTech acts like a Rosetta Stone for healthcare service providers. Each system has its own language, so as information comes into AccumTech’s system, their technology disseminates it and passes it along to the companies that need it in their native language. AccumTech is also on a mission to provide a great place to work, offering an inclusive culture, great professional growth opportunities, and an exciting work experience.


purpose-driven company - Fusion


Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Fusion is a mission-driven education company dedicated to helping students thrive. They offer a unique, 1:1 approach to learning that helps students get a customized education experience. The Fusion difference is something that staff members can immediately feel the moment they step onto a Fusion campus. They intentionally hire people who are passionate about education, have fun, enjoy collaborating with their teammates, and want to change the world through education. Each staff member wants the students to feel like they are part of the Fusion family, and they also want to extend that feeling to the rest of the team, helping each of the staff members feel they fit at Fusion.


GreenLancer office - new


Founded in Detroit and operating remotely, GreenLancer is a software company helping remove barriers to the advancement of renewable energy like solar and EV. GreenLancers powerful software empowers contractors with the expertise needed to overcome permitting and interconnection obstacles, accelerating the deployment of clean energy infrastructure. By doing so, they’re helping accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. 


purpose-driven company - gearsupply


Gearsupply is a purpose-driven company in Cincinnati that makes buying and selling used concert equipment a whole lot easier and safer. Gearsupply’s marketplace handles payment processing, freight and logistics, so you don’t need a middle man. Because the equipment is used (but in perfectly good condition), their equipment is more affordable for people who don’t have $3 million to spend on new gear. This also contributes to less waste (one of their main slogans is #WeHateWaste) and Gearsupply is helping reduce the amount of gear going to the landfill. The company is currently working towards achieving Environmental Certification and actively participating in the audio industry's efforts to combat e-waste. 


purpose-driven company - petram

Petram Analytics

Petram Analytics is a data firm committed to helping mid-sized businesses grow by leveraging proprietary data insights and best in class technology. Marketers have never had more data, but without a dedicated team focused on it, it can become overwhelming. Petram Analytics helps marketers navigate and leverage data in an industry that is constantly changing. This Detroit-based company is idea-driven, working with a strong focus on collaborative culture which produces results that endure.


purpose-driven company - signal advisors

Signal Advisors

Signal Advisors is on a mission to solve the retirement crisis. Sixty-nine percent of Americans do not work with a financial advisor today and only a quarter of Americans have a financial plan. Signal is reimagining a 60-year old industry—bringing new technologies, comprehensive services, and an inspired vision to financial advisors. This purpose-driven company has grown from a small Detroit-based team in 2020 to over 100 team members distributed across the country, committed to putting its people first.



purpose-driven company - rocketreach


Remote tech company RocketReach is on a mission to provide a software platform that would help everyone easily find the information they needed to connect with people. The engineering team uses data science and machine learning to create a database of canonical people. If you’ve had to spend hours of your job hunting down hard to reach information about something, you know how powerful it is to have that info right at your fingertips. In this way, the RocketReach team has an impact on the millions of people who use their cutting-edge technology every day. They save people time and frustration, so they can focus on the work that really matters.


purpose-driven company - sun and water

Sun & Water

Founded by Tom Maxwell and Brad Bell, Sun and Water Consulting is a management consulting firm helping companies with their IT and business transformation projects. They provide companies with top-tier project management, and they also provide project managers with incredible work-life balance. The company is committed to helping project managers live their best life by always putting the things that matter most to them first. 


purpose-driven company - culturewell


Culturewell is an Ann Arbor-based startup reducing healthcare-associated infections by sampling healthcare surfaces, testing, and providing data-driven insights to healthcare administrators across the United States. By leveraging data, Culturewell is helping keep hospitals cleaners — which ultimately helps save lives. 


purpose-driven company - Minchyn


Rising Detroit startup Minchyn is on a mission to support content creators. He is working on patent-pending technology to liberate content creators from oppressive platforms and help level the playing field for content creators. Oppressive algorithms plus a lack of democratization in the creator economy has led to vast pay disparities. The Minchyn app helps creators easily monetize their posts, discover and license creator content, and manage licenses so creators can focus on doing what they love doing.  


purpose-driven company - vetr health


Inspired by their own frustration with vet experiences as pet parents, Sadoc Paredes and Rachel Berkal co-founded Vetr Health, based in Grand Rapids. Vetr Health is a modern, membership-based platform for in-home vet care. The mission is two-fold: providing better and easier care for pets, and providing better work experiences for vets. Vetr Health is a yearly membership with all-inclusive services and accessible records through the app. This model also helps vets better control their schedules, spend more time with the animals they serve, and make up to 40% over market rate for vet salaries. 




Bankjoy provides out-of-the-box white label banking solutions for community-based financial institutions and credit unions. Its full ecosystem of solutions (mobile and online banking, loan applications, online account opening, conversational AI, and financial literacy tools) helps these small banks offer great online banking tools for their customers. By supporting small, community-based banks, Bankjoy is helping them compete with major banks and continue the support they give to their local communities they serve.


purpose-driven company- unite us

Unite Us 

Founded by veterans on a mission to connect other vets to health and social services they needed, Unite Us has expanded to serve all people who need connections to care across the country. Through Unite Us’ national network and software, community-based organizations, government agencies, and healthcare organizations are all connected to better collaborate to meet the needs of the individuals in their communities. One top of that mission, Unite Us is one of the best remote companies to work for with a values-driven culture.


purpose-driven company - patientpoint


Purpose Certified company PatientPoint is building an engagement platform for better patient care. PatientPoint has evolved into an industry-leading platform serving approximately 140,000 healthcare practitioners and impacting over 750 million patient visits annually. This Cincinnati-based company is committed to improving doctor-patient engagement, delivering meaningful messages, and enhancing health education demonstrates our dedication to making every doctor-patient engagement better for all. 


purpose-driven company - marco polo

Marco Polo 

Marco Polo is the only video chat app created to help you feel close without asking you to compromise on trust. A purpose-driven company since day one, Marco Polo is on a mission to help people feel close, foster connection, and make a positive impact in the world. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Vlada Bortnik, was a 2024 recipient of the annual Purpose Awards, recognized for her commitment to Purpose.


purpose-driven company - submittable


Submittable is a Purpose Certified, purpose-driven company that’s helping accelerate social impact. The platform helps mission-driven organizations collect applications, manage team review, award funds, and report on results—all in one platform. Their software empowers the meaningful work of governments, nonprofits, foundations, and more. 


purpose-driven company - certifID


Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Austin, Texas, CertifID is a software startup helping prevent wire fraud. Its SaaS security platform validates identity and securely transfers bank account information. They safeguard billions of dollars every month from fraud with advanced software, insurance, and proven recovery services.


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