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Alexa Goins, Kenzie Academy

By Alexa Goins, Kenzie Academy

6 Traits Every Successful Remote Employee Has

Looking for a new position in the COVID job economy? Interested in upping your game as a remote worker? If you answered “yes” to either of these quest[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

Reasons Why You’ll Love Working Remotely

Many of us have experienced that work from home life at least a little bit. And while it may have been tough at first (especially under such unusual a[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

Five Tips For Maintaining Company Culture While Working Remotely

If you work with a great team, I’m guessing you miss working with them face to face. I certainly miss seeing my team in the office every day.  I miss [...]

Dave Corcoran

By Dave Corcoran

Startup Guide to Remote Work

There's a longstanding rumor that hangs heavy over the startup community. The word 'startup' alone insinuates endless hours spent cramped in an office[...]

Brytanie Killebrew

By Brytanie Killebrew

7 Detroit Companies That Let You Work From Home

Flexible work options have become the new norm. From unlimited PTO to work-from-home options, empowering job seekers to achieve work-life-balance has [...]