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Alexa Goins, Kenzie Academy

By Alexa Goins, Kenzie Academy

6 Traits Every Successful Remote Employee Has

Looking for a new position in the COVID job economy? Interested in upping your game as a remote worker? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.  We know remote work isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some people thrive working from home, but for others, it doesn't always come so naturally. With many companies o[...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

Reasons Why You’ll Love Working Remotely

Many of us have experienced that work from home life at least a little bit. And while it may have been tough at first (especially under such unusual and difficult circumstances), lots of people have discovered the serious advantages to remote work. (If you’re still trying to figure it out, that’s okay, we all are working it.) As companies begin to [...]

Lauren Zyber

By Lauren Zyber

Five Tips For Maintaining Company Culture While Working Remotely

If you work with a great team, I’m guessing you miss working with them face to face. I certainly miss seeing my team in the office every day.  I miss our short morning breaks, walking over to Cannelle and picking up a pain au chocolat. I miss having lunch in the community space at WeWork and chatting about weekend plans. I’ve only been with the tea[...]

Dave Corcoran

By Dave Corcoran

Startup Guide to Remote Work

There's a longstanding rumor that hangs heavy over the startup community. The word 'startup' alone insinuates endless hours spent cramped in an office, tolling away long after 5pm, accompanied by nothing but an open-floorplan and the heavy odor of burnout. Not only is it false, but extremely ineffective.  For those old enough to remember, the start[...]

Brytanie Killebrew

By Brytanie Killebrew

7 Detroit Companies That Let You Work From Home

Flexible work options have become the new norm. From unlimited PTO to work-from-home options, empowering job seekers to achieve work-life-balance has never been easier. Superior of all the flexible work options is remote working. And there's a good reason why. Working from where you want gives you the freedom to choose the setting that results in t[...]